The Risks and Benefits of Personal Trainer Inurance

As the video explains, there are many benefits of working with a personal trainer. If you are a personal trainer, you want to focus on helping your clients. However, it’s important to consider personal trainer insurance.

Each time you work with a client, you are assuming risk. If a client gets injured or their property gets damaged, you can be held liable.

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One of the benefits of personal trainer insurance is being protected from these situations.

All fitness professionals should have personal trainer insurance. Perhaps you work in multiple gyms or visit people in their homes. You may choose to offer services online, rather than in person. No matter how you offer your services, personal trainer insurance can protect you and your business.

There are a few types of personal insurance you should consider. The first is general liability insurance. This policy protects you from general liability claims. If a client slips and falls at your gym, or a weight falls onto their phone, this policy will cover the costs.

The other common type of insurance for personal trainers is professional liability insurance. This coverage will protect you from mistakes or negligence related to your job.

For example, if someone gets injured in a workout you recommend, professional liability would apply. Another example is a client who is harmed by poorly maintained or malfunctioning equipment. Professional liability covers any judgment against you and associated legal expenses.

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