Healthy Vegan Soap

In this video, you will learn about making vegan soap. The video outlines a recipe that makes vegan soap. The ingredients are all-natural and organic. First, you are going to start with 800 grams of olive oil and 300 grams of coconut oil.

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You are going to mix them together in a large mixing bowl. Next, you will slowly add lye solution. This will help solidify the soap and give it its structure. Make sure all three of these initial ingredients are room temperature, otherwise you could disrupt the consistency. The lye solution is going to consist of 142 grams of salt and 380 grams of distilled water. Make sure you take safety precautions when working with these ingredients together. Long rubber gloves are a good idea and covering as much of your skin as possible is also a good idea. Googles would also be a smart way to protect your eyes. Keep blending the mixture in the mixing bowl until it hardens and there are no more chunks. Add the mixture to an 8 x 11 baking pan. Tap the pan on a hard surface to release air bubbles. Next, you will add some dried lavender for scent and garnish.

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