What to Know Before You Try Mobile IV Therapy

There are new ways through which you can treat hangovers, jet lag, and even dry skin. Mobile IV therapy is the new technology now being embraced by thousands of people in America and other parts of the world. The IV vitamin therapy is used to deliver nutrients your body needs through a vein. You can opt to get a number of nutrients or a cocktail of compounds such as vitamins, saline, and glutathione.

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Mobile IV therapy is not widespread. For the people who are promoting it and those who have tried it, it is the best remedy to have for a myriad of ailments and conditions. Though popular, you should consider several things before you try it. The first thing you should consider is that IV therapy is not FDA-approved. The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t invested in testing the efficacy or the safety of the mobile IV therapy. It is for this reason that therapy is yet to go mainstream.

A professional healthcare expert needs to advise you on the benefits this therapy may have for you. Such an expert will do a bloodwork panel for you to indicate the nutrients or minerals your body needs. You also need to know the possible side effects that this therapy comes with. Among the known side effects include allergic reactions, blood clots, air embolism, and injury to the skin. Above all else, it is necessary to consult a health worker to help you know whether you need this therapy or not.

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