Sick of Reading About Millennials? Call Them Snake People Instead With This New App!

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Sick of seeing articles talking about narcissistic millennials? Tired of getting unwanted opinions in your newsfeed about those entitled youths? Annoyed with the media’s portrayal of today’s young adults?

Then get the “Millennials to Snake People” Chrome extension.

Boston-based UX designer Eric Bailey has recently skyrocketed to social media fame after creating the “Millennials to Snake People” Chrome extension, which converts any and all mentions of “millennials” to “snake people.”

“I read one too many listicles, and I was like, this is getting a little weird,” Bailey toldĀ Adweek. “I had a free Saturday night, as sad as that sounds, and banged it out in a night.”

It’s easy to read into Bailey’s new extension. Converting mentions of millennials to snake people can definitely be seen as a commentary on how the nation characterizes 20- and 30-somethings, but in actuality, it’s just fun. Why did he choose snake people, specifically then?

“I don’t know,” he told AdWeek. “I’m a huge nerd, so it just seemed funny. The testing was basically a week of giggling straight.”

The project didn’t get much attention during its first few days, but somehow picked up steam somewhere. Soon enough, Bailey saw The Next Web’s tech reporter, Owen Williams, had tweeted a link to it, which in turn had been re-tweeted by famous author William Gibson.

“It’s sort of a lampoon,” he said. “Every generation seems to do this to the generation that comes after it.”

There is a lesson here, though. UX, which Bailey designs, is an integral part of any digital presence. It’s the process of improving a website or app’s usability to enhance user satisfaction. Without a quality UX, companies’ digital counterparts are virtually unusable, and help the competition get ahead.

“This is a product of the eye-rolling that’s happening online with the overuse and under delivery around the ‘Millenial,'” said Tom Ajello, Founder and Creative Director of Makeable. “People are throwing the word around without any commitment when it comes to creating a great user experience for the target. Overall, I’m not surprised that this type of app would appear. There is a massive misconception that The Millennial is a specific ‘bullseye’ of a target demographic. That is just untrue. The target is made up of a vast spectrum of tastes, idiosyncrasies and technical affinities just as any other target [market] one could think of today.”

By creating a quality app that enhances the UX of a popular web browser, Bailey’s gone viral. In other words, content is key for anyone looking to garner some social media fame to help their brand name development.

After all, what content could be better than poking fun at those selfie-taking, latte-sipping, Uggs-wearing snake people?

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