Manufacturing Company Expands Their Operations in Ohio

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In recent years, many people have expressed alarm at the high number of American companies who have chosen to move their operations overseas, reducing the number of jobs available in the United States as the country experienced a troubling recession. Now, even as the economy has begun to recover, this trend has continued to raise concerns in economists and average Americans alike. Fortunately, a number of companies still manufacture and sell their products in the United States. Recently, one corporation even decided to expand their operations in a small town in Ohio, creating jobs and potential profit in the area.Superb Industries, a high-tech manufacturer of engineered plastics and metal components, was originally established in New Bedford, Ohio in 1986. In 2000, however, the company moved their business to a 50,000 square foot facility in nearby Sugarcreek, where it began producing implements for the automotive, appliance, medical and electronic industries. Now, Superb Industries plans to add 12,000 square feet to the existing site and hire an additional 50 employees. While the figures are currently uncertain, the company plans to spend several million dollars on the project.

The expansion is due to a contract Superb Industries was recently awarded by Alevo Manufacturing, an arm of a Swiss corporation. Superb Industries will engineer and produce battery components for the company, producing a projected five million products in 2015. The production numbers will be increased every year, reaching over 100 million by 2019, a demand that would exceed the abilities of the 100 people currently employed at the Sugarcreek facility.

In response, Superb Industries has begun accepting applications for 50 new positions, mostly press technicians, toolmakers, process engineers and support personnel. While the company reports that pay ranges and other details have yet to be decided, they plan to have finished the hiring process by the time the Sugarcreek expansion is completed in Spring 2015. Once hired, new employees will be able to receive paid training during classes the facility will offer every day between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm, a time the company says will accommodate both the morning and evening shifts.

Superb Industries also plans to add space for more manufacturing lines, which will allow the company to laser weld, wash and leak test their products on site. Leak testing especially is a an important feature of the company’s expansion, as it provides an effective way to verify the integrity and quality of a product.

The majority of items Superb Industries produces at the Sugarcreek site are shipped to Mexico and China. As a result, the company also has a distribution center in Hong Kong.

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