Across the Country, Senior Citizens Are Going to Prom

Are you looking for affordable apartments for the elderly? You may find you have a few options. While considering the price, location, and other common factors, you should also take some time to think about the quality of life. It’s smart to find retirement communities that offer senior citizen group activities, catered meals, and other quality of life features.

Many of the affordable housing options for retirees center around tons of activities to keep people occupied. This can help ensure that your loved ones’ golden years truly are golden. You can often find affordable housing for seniors on Social Security, so even if you’re on a fixed income, you may have options.

Ultimately, affordable low income senior housing is a great choice for older individuals who can no longer remain independent at home. On-site medical staff, cleaners, and other professionals can help ensure that senior residents are well cared for and engaged.

The right retirement can be both relaxing and fulfilling. That said if senior residents don’t have productive outlets, such as group activities, time outdoors, and social time, many residents could quickly grow bored.

Fortunately, you can find retirement communities near you that provide a great quality of life for residents. This will help your loved ones live their life to their fullest.

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It puts a whole new spin on “senior prom.”


Across the country, a rising number of retirement communities are holding proms of their very own this spring.

On April 12, residents of New Jersey’s Village Apartments of the Jewish Federation and South Orange B’nai B’rith Federation House attended the first-ever South Orange Senior Prom at Seton Hall University.

According to, the prom’s approximately 40 guests were treated to refreshments, live musical entertainment from two DJs and plenty of dancing opportunities throughout the night. A few Seton Hall students involved in a campus volunteer club also attended, socializing and dancing with the senior prom-goers.

On May 2, Houston assisted senior living center Brookdale Willowbrook Park held its prom for residents, the Cypress Creek Mirror reports. This prom even named a prom king and queen. Students from Cypress Ranch High School volunteered at the event and worked to make sure it would be an afternoon to remember for attendees.

“The prom has been talked about a lot at the community,” Elizabeth Green, resident programs director at Brookdale Willowbrook Park, said. “Some of the seniors have asked others to be their date. Some senior citizens are bringing their children as their date.”

Not only is the social activity of going to one of these proms healthy for seniors’ minds — their physical health can also receive major benefits from the added physical activity of dancing at a prom, as well. In 2010, only 22% of seniors studied reported regularly engaging in physical activity, a sign that many older Americans aren’t getting the exercise they need.

For seniors who never had the chance to go to their high school proms, attending a dance hosted by their senior living community is a great way to feel young at heart.

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