Lead Paint Found in North Carolina Daycare Center

Children with teacher at school.
A daycare center in Charlotte, North Carolina has left parents and guardians angry and disappointed after they received letters warning that the site has been found to contain lead paint. The letters, sent by the state health department on November 18, stated that an environmental survey on October 23 had revealed lead paint in several areas of the center.The Childcare Network in southeast Charlotte was previously approved by the state to take care of 160 children. However, many parents are now questioning why the facility’s staff members were unaware of the problem, and why families were not notified as soon as the environmental study discovered lead paint. So far, it is unknown how many children may have been affected by the toxins, but no cases of lead poisoning have been reported thus far.

Lead paint is a common problem across the United States, primarily found in older buildings. The substance can flake off walls and ceilings, making it a significant threat to children under the age of six, who are more likely to put their hands in their mouths or taste unfamiliar objects. When ingested, the paint can cause lead poisoning, which has been linked to everything from decreased learning abilities to slowed growth. In serious cases, it can even cause seizures, comas and death.

Because of the threat this discovery has posed to the children who attend the Childcare Network daycare, the treatment of the case has raised outrage and disbelief among child care professional across the United States.

The letter recommends that children who have attended the facility since April 23 be tested for lead poisoning. As a result, many parents have said that they will be visiting medical centers over the next several day so that their children can receive the necessary blood tests. However, few say that they will continue to allow their children to attend daycare at the Childcare Nextwork, with many stating that their trust in the center has been irreparably shaken.

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