Does Playing the Guitar Really Make You More Attractive? New Study Says “Yes!”

play the guitar

Want to make yourself more attractive women? Buy a guitar!

According to a new study reported by British news outlet The Daily Mail last week, 90% of surveyed women thought that guitars made men instantly more attractive; 25% of women have dated someone solely because they can play the guitar; and one in 10 women think that the ability to play the guitar is a “must have” in a partner.

Interestingly, the study, which was commissioned by, found that guitar playing makes both men and women more attractive to the other, but it’s men who tend to go out of their way to pick the instrument up for the sole purpose of becoming luckier in love. In fact, 33% of surveyed men have tried to learn the guitar just so they could impress women.

When asked why the guitar was so much of an aphrodisiac, 57% of survey respondents said that they find it irresistible “when someone is passionate about music,” while 42% said that writing songs and music shows a person’s sensitive side.

To see if it was true, Karl Stefanovic, host of Australia’s TODAY Show, busted a guitar out.

“Even though I’m not playing it, is it still more attractive (with) me just sitting here?” Stefanovic asked the audience, which replied in a chorus of agreement.

Though those watching seemed to think it worked, not everyone was impressed once he started playing Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.”

“There’s only one thing more hot than a guy doing what you were doing right now, and that’s a guy who can play a saxophone,” said Stefanovic’s co-host Lisa Wilkinson.

The experiment came to an abrupt end, when reporter Richard Wilkins, who had been seen shaking his head earlier, came and took the guitar away from Stefanovic. As he left, Wilkins said he did it, because “the boss told me to.”

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