North Carolina Couple Wins $10 Million Scratch-Off, Largest Prize in History of State’s Education Lottery

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When most people play scratch-offs, they typically only win a few bucks. A North Carolina couple, however, recently defied the odds by winning the largest scratch-off prize in the history of the state’s Education Lottery.

According to lottery officials, Dale and Robin Summey won $10 million in the Ultimate Millions scratch-off game. Not only was it the biggest prize in the lottery’s history, but also the seventh largest overall prize won by a North Carolinian, just after a $12 million Mega Millions jackpot.

“It feels wonderful,” said Dale Summey, according to a statement provided by lottery officials. “But it is still hard to believe. It is. It’s wonderful, and it’s a blessing.”

Dale Summey, a roofer and handyman, said that he and his wife would always talk about what they’d do if they ever won the lottery. When he bought the winning scratch-off, he held on to it for four days before finally playing.

When it finally happened, he had three little words for his wife: “I’ve done it.”

“Done what?” she asked.

“I’ve won $10 million,” he answered, and showed her the ticket.

The couple chose to accept their winnings in the form of a lottery lump sum payout. Federal and state taxes will take out $4.1 million, leaving the couple with the staggering sum of $6 million.

Had the couple chosen the annuity option, they would have received $500,000 a year for 20 years.

Most excitingly, there are three other $10 million prizes out there in the Ultimate Millions game, waiting to be won. Each Ultimate Millions game costs $30 per ticket to play.

“Our new Ultimate Millions game should ultimately produce 25 new millionaires in our state,” said the North Carolina Education Lottery’s executive director Alice Garland. “Our goal is to have fun games, award prizes and raise money for education. We appreciate the players who try their luck and our retail partners who sell the tickets. Together we get to see amazing things like this happen.”

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