BBB Warns Sports Fans to Be on the Lookout For Egg Bowl Ticket Scams


With 111th Egg Bowl just weeks away, the Better Business Bureau is warning fans who plan to attend the game to be on the lookout for ticket scams.

The annual Egg Bowl, which pits the Ole Miss Rebels against the Mississippi State Bulldogs, is one of the longest running college football rivalries, and this year’s game is expected to attract even more spectators than usual.

Sporting and entertainment events are almost always at a higher risk of ticket fraud, and the great success of both college football teams so far this season makes the odds of a ticket scam even more likely. The state of Mississippi has been receiving a great deal of national media attention, thanks to outstanding records of both Ole Miss and Mississippi State this year, and the November 29 game between the two teams gives scammers an opportunity to take advantage of their success.

The easiest way for ticket-buyers to get scammed is by purchasing tickets from a person they don’t know outside of the stadium. Scammers can easily counterfeit tickets so that they look like the real deal and sell them at a jacked-up price. While late-comers may see this as their last opportunity to see get into the game, this could leave them with useless tickets and hundreds of dollars in the hole.

Fans can also get burned by purchasing tickets in advance that never show up at their house. The Internet has made it even easier for scammers to take advantage of sports fans looking for game tickets, especially as this becomes a more popular avenue for finding event tickets.

“It is important to ensure you’re always using a URL that is from a trusted source when buying tickets online, and verify that the website is approved by an accredited firm such as the BBB for purchasing tickets,” says Bob Goodrich, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, JSCAPE.

The BBB has a list of accredited online ticket vendors that are safe to purchase tickets from. Fans looking to buy tickets online can find this list on the BBB’s website: They can also read reviews of ticket vendors that have been approved by the BBB.

The BBB has also come up with a list of recommendations for fans purchasing tickets to the upcoming Egg Bowl to prevent them from getting scammed, as reported by WMC Action News Live 5. Some of their suggestions include:

  1. Be careful about who you buy tickets from on the street.

  2. Check for the BBB seal of approval on online ticket vendor sites and look at reviews of the site.

  3. Never put in payment information unless the site is secure and has “https://” before the URL or lock icon.

  4. Always look for detailed information about the seats before making a purchase, including the seat numbers, row and section.

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