And the Award for Best Halloween Costume On a College Campus Goes to…

JacuzziLook beyond all the scantily-clad female outfits and tacky ensembles and you’ll find those rare Halloween costumes that hit it just right. Relevant, but not too predictable. Witty without trying too hard. At least one girl on the campus of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) accomplished just that this year when she dressed up to portray a recent incident that occurred on the campus, according to the sports media site

During the game day celebrations that took place before the Bruins 35-31 win over the University of Colorado last Saturday, someone snapped a picture of presumably a student that went viral. The girl in costume was wearing the #3 jersey of UCLA’s starting freshman quarterback Josh Rosen.

But that wasn’t all. The rest of the costume was a hand-made ‘hot tub’ around her waist and paper plate of food she was stuffing into her mouth.

There were approximately 21 million households that owned a hot tub, spa, or pool in the spring of 2014. Up until last week, there was also at least one in a college dorm room.

For the uninformed, Rosen was recently involved in a viral story of his own when it was discovered he had an inflatable hot tub in his dorm room.

The video that revealed the quarterback’s steamy secret to the social media world showed him soaking in the tub eating something off a paper plate when his roommate walked in on him.

It didn’t take long for the school to force him to remove the hot tub, but not before it could spawn arguably one of the best Halloween costumes put together this year.

The lesson? It’s not necessarily how big or extravagant the costume is, but rather the timeliness and attention to detail that sets it apart. Anyone could have thrown on a jersey and been Josh Rosen for Halloween. But there’s only been one verified ‘Josh Rosen eating in his hot tub dorm video’ costume.

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