Clarksville Police: Mother Sold Children’s Medications to Fund Heroin Habit

Prescription DrugsA Clarksville, IN, woman was arrested and charged for drug possession late last week, but that’s not what makes Sara Donaire’s alleged criminal activity particularly appalling. It’s the fact that the mother of three was stealing her own children’s prescription drugs to fund her habit, according to the Louisville news affiliate

“I think it’s horrible. Anybody that will take their kids medications, their medicine and sell it,” area resident Thomas Bowyer said. “She can get help, so she don’t have to steal from them.”

Thanks to the help of concerned neighbors like Bowyer, the Clarksville police were able to catch Donaire in the despicable act by setting up a sting operation at the local Target. Undercover police officers arrested her on the spot as she tried to sell them her children’s prescription drugs. She was also found to have two syringes filled with heroin, cocaine, and another rock of heroin in her car when they made the arrest.

Neighbors began to sense something was wrong when they kept seeing her children wandering the streets in search of their mother. When she was around her behavior was erratic at best.

“Driving, and you can tell she’s under the influence. She’s erratic in driving, come over in your lane, she’s almost hit me head on two times,” one neighbor said.

Almost half (48.5%) of Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days. There’s no telling how long Donaire’s kids went without their medication. According to the Clarksville police, the drugs Donaire was selling included Coumadin, Ambien, Zoloft, and controlled substances known to treat ADD.

“Pills can bring anywhere from $10 to $100 per pill,” Clarksville Maj. Scott Merchant said.

She posted the $5,000 bond bail and will be arraigned this week. Child Protective Services are currently looking after the best interest of the children.

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