Photographer Snaps the Most Realistic Autumn Photo for 1-Month Infant, Complete With a Deer Photobomb

Red Deer in Morning Sun.Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography receives plenty of photo shoot requests from parents who want a rustic, autumnal setting for their baby’s first photos.

Rion, whose business is based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, often gets some extra help from a very special assistant which gives parents an unforgettable photo shoot: a deer that lives in Sam Houston Jones State Park and drops by to greet Rion’s subjects during shoots.

Rion was photographing one-month-old Conner Rogers in the park on Oct. 20, when the deer stopped by to check out the shoot.

According to ABC News and KTLA 5 News, the deer’s name is Maggie and she has been featured (unintentionally) in a handful of Rion’s photo shoots.

“”Maggie has been appearing in our photos since the beginning of the summer,” Rion told USA Today. “She has been in six different photo shoots. She shows up for 5-15 mins then strolls on her way.”

Maggie is a rescue fawn, Rion explained, who was dropped off at the park at a young age. Maggie had been fed by humans for most of her life, so she doesn’t show any signs of fear around people.

At Conner’s recent photo shoot, Maggie walked calmly up to the baby to see what was happening.

“My assistant then took part of our set-up, an ear of corn, to coax her to look straight. Not only did she look my way, she came up calmly walking towards baby Conner and our set-up. I got a couple shots then we were done,” Rion said.

Rion snapped some photos of Maggie and Conner (who did not seem to notice the animal’s presence), which immediately went viral after Rion posted them on Facebook.

Conner’s parents, Tiffany and Scott Rogers, certainly have the beginnings for a magical professional photo album.

For all the other parents who are a little more hesitant to let wild animals approach their children, however, some professional photo editing and styling services can provide an equally magical scene.

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