You Won’t Believe How Much Video Content Gets Uploaded to YouTube Each Minute


In a mere 18-month span of time, the amount of video content that gets uploaded to YouTube each minute has skyrocketed by more than 200%.

According to a Nov. 21 Reel SEO article, more than 300 hours’ worth of video is now uploaded to YouTube’s servers in any given minute. That’s the same as 12 and a half days of video!

While the figure hasn’t been confirmed in an official statement from YouTube or its owner, Google, Reel SEO reports that a Google spokesperson confirmed the statistic at its recent “Brand Lab” session in New York City.

While the news may be troubling to smaller brands that fear their video marketing content may become lost in the growing amount of content on YouTube, the Reel SEO article states that it’s still possible for a company of any size to benefit from using online video marketing.

The same principles of creating high-quality, attention-grabbing and engaging content for the brand’s target audience still apply, and are still just as effective at generating brand buzz.

“I think the mindset of how businesses look at youtube has to change,” says Bryan Bolan, Founder and Creative Director, b-Mc creative. “How much video uploaded every minute has no bearing on your video or marketing goals because we need to treat youtube as a search engine. Everyday there are millions of blogs, infographics, and websites released yet it doesn’t prevent us from doing the same. We optimize this content to reach our target audience. Video on youtube is no different.”

The best thing for brands to remember when embarking on a video marketing campaign is to not expect every video to go viral — as only a small minority of YouTube videos are able to reach that level of attention. Instead, it’s better to focus on building consumer loyalty among the brand’s target audience and make the brand a reliable source of accurate information and great content.

In the time it took you to read this article, about 62 days’ worth of video have been uploaded to YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Endless potential awaits for companies who take advantage of all that a video marketing campaign has to offer.

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