What Is UV Stabilized Plastic?

If you haven’t heard of UV stabilized plastic before, there can be a lot to know. UV stabilized plastic can be used in various applications, including artwork. Keep reading to learn all about UV stabilized plastic.

Let’s start with what UV stabilized plastic is. It is an additive we put into, for example, a formula to keep artwork beautiful and clear for the long term.

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It’s well known that UV light is damaging. Damage from UV light can show up as gloss loss, chalking, cracking, delamination, and yellowing. When it comes to art, there is nothing worse than having art ruined by epoxy resin that turns yellow.

Some products incorporate two light stabilizers, UV light stabilizing, and HALS. UV stabilizer takes care of most of the damaging effects that happen from UV light but it doesn’t do a great job protecting against yellowing. The HALS is in there to target the yellowing by interrupting it to make it more unlikely to happen.

Still curious and looking to learn more about UV stabilized plastic? Watch the video above! This video explains in depth what UV stabilized plastic is, what it can be used for, and different products.


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