Doctors without Borders Calls For Reasonable COVID Vaccines

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When drug companies and large corporations control the market for medications, more people get sick. Diseases spread, as individuals are left with contagious symptoms due to not being able to afford the medications they need to treat the illness. Imagine what would happen, for example, if someone had pink eye no insurance to get the medication. Much like this video explains, they’d spread this contagious illness everywhere, in large part due to their inability to get the medications that they need to control and treat their symptoms.

Doctors Without Borders is calling for governments to take reasonable actions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and medications, in order to keep this from happening. Without this action, there’s a decent chance that many people will go without access to the medication that they need, and that these people will continue to spread this deadly disease.

What Can Be Done?
Doctors Without Borders recommends the following:

Keep Big Pharma from Controlling the Market: Governments should take action to avoid allowing large pharmaceutical companies to control the worldwide marketing and distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, medications, and PPE. Otherwise, it will be virtually impossible to fight this pandemic successfully, and many people will die unnecessarily.

Avoid Patents: Drug companies should avoid patenting vaccinations and medications during the pandemic so that they can be distributed freely to as many people as possible. This will allow everyone to be treated quickly and effectively so that the spread of disease can be dramatically reduced. Without this, it will be difficult for individuals to afford the cost of private label vaccinations and medications, and they will go without. When this happens, they will infect those around them while suffering from the symptoms of COVID-19.

Override Patents: If drug companies insist on patenting their vaccinations and medications during the pandemic, governments should override them. This will provide citizens with access to the medication and vaccinations that they need in a reasonable time frame so that everyone can stay as safe as possible and the spread of disease is limited as quickly as possible.

These mitigation measures can help limit the spread of COVID-19 once vaccinations and medications exist to help control the spread. Without them, the medications will be patented and will cost a great deal of money, meaning that uninsured individuals and those from poorer countries will be unable to get the medicine that they need. COVID-19 will continue to ravage these countries until something is done to provide them with the access that is required.

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