What Exactly Goes Into Cardiac Rehab

If you have heart surgery or have had a cardiac event you may be referred to the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center to help get you on the path to improved health. This video explains what you can expect during your time at the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center. Knowing what to expect can ease some of the stress associated with starting cardiac rehabilitation.

Cardiac rehab is often prescribed by a cardiologist after a cardiac event or surgery. These visits usually coincide with valve repair, valve replacement, heart transplant, the placement of a stent, heart attack, or heart transplant surgery.

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There is a wide body of evidence that rehabilitation as part of cardiac care can improve patients results. It can also improve quality of life and speed up recovery.

Patients that utilize these centers are introduced to state of the art exercise equipment that is outfitted with monitoring tools. This video explains in detail the level of medical supervision a cardiac rehab center offers. The benefits of this therapy and what you can expect at your appointments. Watch this video if you are getting ready to start cardiac rehab or you want to learn more about this therapy option. It is an easy way to gather the information to feel prepared.


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