Understanding ADHD Can Help You Provide ADHD Support for your Loved Ones

In America, millions of children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Living with such a child is incredibly challenging. Help your loved ones that have children with ADHD by learning more about this condition. The YouTube channel Demystifying Medicine gives you what you need to know to offer ADHD support.

ADHD is a mental health disorder that affects the executive functioning of the brain.

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There is no cure. For an unknown reason, ADHD appears in boys more often than in girls. ADHD may be caused by genes, since 75% of people with ADHD have relatives with the disorder.

There are two main types of ADHD. The first is called inattentive or attention deficit disorder. Symptoms include not being able to pay attention to details, making frequent mistakes, not being able to perform tasks or follow conversations, and not being able to follow instructions.The second type is hyperactivity disorder. Symptoms include talking too much and not being able to sit still.

ADHD is treated with a combination of medication and therapy. There are some video games that hold promise to help lessen symptoms. Websites that offer more information about ADHD include Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or CHADD and the Attention Deficit Disorder Association or ADDA.

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