These Baby Goats in Onesie Pajamas Will Totally Make Your Day

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Images of baby animals aren’t exactly rare on the internet, but the latest viral video making the rounds may have you counting goats instead of sheep.

Two baby goats, Winnefred and Monty, are seen frolicking around Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. While that on its own might not sound too interesting, here’s what is: those goats are wearing tiny sets of onesie pajamas.

The animals’ pajama party is captured in a one-minute video, which has been viewed on YouTube more than one million times.

In the video, one of the kids wears a blue striped pajama set while the other sports a pair covered in cartoonish-looking strawberries. They hop around the barn and leap into a stack of hay, seeming to have a good time in their jammies.

The hit video prompted a local news station to visit the farm, and the owners even encouraged visitors to see the goats live at the farm or check out the webcam feed on their website.

When they’re not making viral videos, the goats on the farm make milk, which goes into products like cheese, caramel and fudge sold by the creamery.

Approximately 61% of Americans said they don’t have enough options when it comes to their sleepwear, so maybe some could take a cue from these goats and throw on a pair of onesie pajamas.

Footed pajamas for adults have made a comeback as of last year when “Suitsy” was introduced by entrepreneur Jesse Herzog. Designed to look like a suit, the one-piece garment zips up the front and goes virtually undetected as pajamas in public, according to one man who wore the $400 Suitsy for four straight days.

Herzog referred to his famous (or infamous) onesie as “a revolution in apparel for the modern gentleman.” Men’s fashion authority¬†GQ, meanwhile, said it was something that had “gone too far” and advised those interested in Suitsy to just buck up and get a real suit.

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