3 Things You Haven’t Thought of to Increase Profit

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With competition in the restaurant industry constantly on the rise, many restaurants are looking for ways to get a leg up on their competitors. They do this by offering unique dining experiences, low prices, or added values to purchases. We’ve taken a look at three possibilities to consider to get your customers to stay longer, and ultimately spend more.

Invest in an outdoor bar.

One of the things that will be great for business is an outdoor bar. On average, 43% of people ages 25-34 will spend more money and time at an outdoor bar, according to a study. For many customers, an outdoor bar is just a great way to balance time with friends with time outdoors. With so much time spent in stuffy offices or cars, it’s great to get outside every once in a while. Avoid any pest problems with mesh retractable screens and you’ll be golden!

Consider a pet-friendly patio. 

More and more restaurants are becoming pet-friendly, with the idea being that people will enjoy their experience more, and return again and again, if they have their favorite pooch with them. Dog owners tend to worry when they aren’t at home to look after their pet; when restaurants welcome dogs, their owners will ultimately spend more money. Many states have already started allowing this — California, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico, and New York among them. With rules to satisfy non-pet owners as well, this could be a key to increasing business.

Do something truly unexpected.

If you’re pressed for ideas and decide on a gimmick in order to drum up business, it’s likely that it will fall flat. Most people can tell when they’re being played, and they won’t take kindly to publicity stunts and cheap updates. Think outside the box and do something truly unexpected. Whether it’s a unique dining experience, or just exceptional service, invest in what you need to do to make customers come back.

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