More and More Couples Are Opting for Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

When you want to get engaged, there has to be an engagement ring. There are many ways that you can get that ring and an infinite number of designs that it can have. You may want to go to a big box store to get a ring, and this is certainly one option. However, those stores don’t have the same quality as the smaller companies that have a jewelry designer and can help you to pick out loose stones. If you want the best, you may opt for custom made jewelry from the best engagement ring places.

There are many beautiful simple diamond rings that you can choose from, and brides who love tradition may like these the best. Then, there are more elaborate rings. If you aren’t sure what might be wanted, you can look at her other rings and notice the style of them. This can give you an indication as to what she likes. If you are looking for the best diamond engagement ring stores, there are many small jewelry stores in most metro areas. You can also go to the best diamond jewelry websites to have your design made by a remote jewelry creator who can make just what you want.

They say a diamond is forever, but more and more American couples are going the non-traditional route for their engagement rings. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, modern brides are preferring to focus on custom jewelry that goes a little bit against the grain.

Why? There are a few reasons.

Beka Partin told the Times-Picayune that she didn’t know what she wanted in a ring before she had gotten engaged. Part of the reason that she loves her ring — a custom ring featuring a yellow center diamond surrounded by white diamonds — is that it’s unique to her personality.

“My ring goes with my personality,” Partin said. “I’m not a cookie-cutter person, and I feel like things get replicated a lot. Everyone gets what everyone else has.”

Another reason more couples are opting for custom and unique engagement rings is the prevalence of websites like Pinterest, which help brides-to-be get an idea of what they’re looking for in a ring, which certainly makes things easier for the groom-to-be. It takes an average of three months for a man to find the perfect engagement ring.

Traditionally, engagement rings featured a large center diamond with one baguette on either side, but these days more and more couples prefer that the ring be unique to them and their relationship.

“We are seeing a big increase in customers who want rings that are non-traditional,” says Ruthann Carroll, Marketing Director, Smyth Jewelers. “It makes the process of creating the ring a little longer, but the results are worth the time. Engraving plays a big part in making their ring unique as well by adding names, dates and sentiments. We’re lucky that we employ gemologists and engravers that can bring the customer’s ideas to life for them. And a happy customer is what it’s all about.

Customizing usually includes choosing the metal used for the ring, selecting the stones to beset in it (non-traditional stones like sapphire have become a favorite), and opting for engravings. More than a quarter of couples now choose to customize or personalize their wedding bands and engagement rings.

Custom rings are also a little easier on the wallet, since having control over what materials are used and the size of the stone is affects the overall price of an engagement ring, which averages at a whopping $4,000. But who can put a price on a personalized expression of love?

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