Is Rhinoplasty the Hottest New Back to School Accessory?

woman face before and after nose surgery

What does your teen’s back to school supply list look like?

If they are like most teens this fall, it will include a new backpack, pencils, sneakers — and a new nose?

For many young adults returning to high school after summer vacation, plastic surgery has become an increasingly common procedure.

Among the 64,000 teenagers who get cosmetic surgery procedures each year, the majority of this work is done over the summer. This gives the teen ample time to heal without taking time off from school. They can then reappear in September with a new and cosmetically polished look.

Among the procedures being done, nose jobs and breast implants are the most common.

A Long Island senior spoke to the New York Daily Post about the breast implant procedure she underwent this summer. As she returns to school with the new change, she plans to keep the surgery under wraps.

“I don’t plan to tell anyone,” she told the Daily Post. “People go through so many changes at my age, anyway, they may not notice.”

Despite her hesitancy to inform her peers, the teen, who preferred to remain anonymous, is pleased with the change. She added, “I just feel so much happier now, more comfortable in my own skin.”

Like this anonymous young woman, many teenagers are seeking plastic surgery in order to feel comfortable in their skin. And with the impossible standards imposed by women in the media these days, it’s no easy task.

Take, for example, young celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Iggy Azalea, who have both been all over media outlets with rumored (and confirmed) plastic surgery procedures.

Early this summer, Azalea opened up to Seventeen magazine about her own breast implant and rhinoplasty surgeries.

To undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, an individual has to be at least 15 years of age.

Though none of the rumors have officially been confirmed, selfie queen Kylie Jenner has undergone drastic changes in her physical appearance over the past few years, and these changes have prompted young women to desire similar features.

Dr. Matthew Schulman, a Park Avenue plastic surgeon, tells the New York Daily News that he now gets at least 10 emails a week, requesting the surgeon to give them ‘lips like Kylie Jenner’.

“That was virtually unheard of five years ago,” he told the publication.

But teens aren’t only getting reconstructive surgery for aesthetic enhancement. Rather, breast augmentations and reconstructive rhinoplasty are common procedures that often improve a young adult’s quality of life.

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