Fallen Fence Leaves Fans Injured At Fetty Wap Concert

hands raised by the crowd at a live music concert

While a metal fence can offer a 65% return on investment, it’s going to take more than that to convince two Fetty Wap fans to step foot near one again. According to a recent Newsday report, two girls were attending the rapper’s show at the Billboard Hot 100 festival, where he was playing a 30-minute set. During the final song, Wap jumped from the stage into the crowd, causing the fans to swarm the New Jersey rapper for photos and exposure.

After two minutes of chaos, the rapper’s security team entered the crowd, attempting to put a stop to the mob. In the surge, the legs of two girls were trapped underneath a steel fence that had separated the 5-foot stage from the crowd of nearly 1,000. Medics wrapped and iced the girls’ legs before calling their parents around 3:30 p.m. Fetty Wap returned to the stage and apologized to his fans before starting his last song over.

The girls weren’t the only ones this month who were injured at big-name concerts. Earlier this month, The Seattle Times reported on a boy who fell from the 300 to the 200 level of the field arena where Taylor Swift was playing. Witnesses described the fall as “shocking,” and the boy has recently reported to be in satisfactory condition, where previously, doctors were reporting a more serious injury.

Rapper A$AP Rocky is actually involved in a lawsuit for a recent fan concert injury, where the fan was reported to have seriously injured a vertebrae while crowd-surfing. While the rapper himself was not involved with the surfing, the injured claims that he and the other members of A$AP Mob are often known to crowd-dive, so she claimed that they were to blame for the atmosphere allowing it.

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