Governor Cuomo’s New App Brings the New York State Fair Into the 21st Century

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The annual New York State Fair is in full swing, offering concerts, rides, baby farm animals, and of course all the sugar-laden and/or deep-fried food you can shake a stick at. This year, attendees also have a way to see the itineraries, purchase tickets, and obtain any other pressing information, all from one convenient application in their smartphone or tablet device.

In late August, Governor Cuomo announced his plans to launch the app, and it is now available for public use. The application boasts a number of features a thorough itinerary of all of the events as well as an easy way to purchase tickets. There’s also a GPS-enabled map, so fairgoers in search of the Tilt-A-Whirl or the dairy barn can navigate the 375-acre grounds with comfort and ease.

While Governor Cuomo states that more than half of all people are viewing the application from a mobile device, the mobile website is compatible for smartphones, making it an accessible experience even for those who are unable to download the app.

“Apps and/or mobile websites are the new way to reach your customers, especially the millennial generation,” says Ola Danilina, CEO/Founder, PMBC Group. “Younger generations access most of the sites on their mobile devices and makes reservations or purchases online or via an app.”

And for those who wish to see what’s happening at the fair, all they need to do is look to social media and search for the #NYSF tag.

The State Fair’s app also allows users to access its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Since 1832, the New York State Fair has been an event that speaks to the tradition and spirit of the people of New York.

With the application, Gov. Cuomo hopes that the beloved New York tradition will adopt a more modern face.

“This new app and website will bring one of the state’s most treasured traditions into the 21st century,” he said in a statement.

This step into the future also allows the fair to stay organized, and fair attendees to stay in the know about any alerts or changes — even as they’re noshing on funnel cakes or fried bacon-wrapped Snickers bars.

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