Easy Home Updates Anyone Can Do

It’s usually not difficult to identify work that needs to be done in your home, or areas you think could use an update. Following through with project management, though, is not as simple. The good news is that there are easy home updates you can definitely handle and it won’t take long to see the effects.

Start Smart

A recent study from 2018 revealed that the home improvement industry saw a five percent boost in that year alone. That’s because more people are getting comfortable with taking on a home remodel. They also understand that these repairs can add value to your home in case you want to sell or refinance the home. This means it’s important to be strategic about the changes you make.

So what is the least expensive type of easy home updates you can do? That’s right — a simple paint job. One bold paint job can make a room really stand out. Of course, if you’re close to selling, it might be best to consider a muted paint color. Sometimes, if a potential home buyer doesn’t like the color, they can try to wrangle with the selling price, arguing they’ll need to repaint the home. Otherwise, if you’re staying there for a while, have fun with it. In kids’ rooms, you can also consider wall decals. They’re easy to apply and don’t make a mess coming down if you change your mind.

Another consideration for making a quick, dramatic change is artwork. Of course, there are limitless options depending on your style. As you’re choosing art, consider the mood you want each room to convey. Whatever you choose, try to make sure you don’t mix styles in one room.


Of all the easy home updates you can do, changes to the exterior of your home is one that can boost your return on investment. Having a well-maintained lawn and demonstrated attention to the outside of your home shows that the people inside the house care about it. And these changes can be relatively easy to make.

And as more people begin dabbling in home improvement, these options can easily be changed. For example, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your deck or patio flooring, you can purchase interlocking deck tile that you can layout easily. If you love your tile, you can just pick it up and take it with you in case you move.

One other way to show your home is well-loved and maintained is creating unusual walkways. You can do this by painting your concrete or using decorative stones or shells to make a path up to the home and even through to the back yard.

Flowers, plants, and trees are also a big part of landscaping updates. You can go in any direction here as well. For example, you might focus on aesthetically pleasing plants and flowers in the front yard of your home. Then in the back, you might plant vegetables in a corner of the yard along with other fruit trees.

One well-used option for landscaping is fencing, and this is among the easy home updates that can reap immediate benefits. For one thing, good fences make great privacy and that can be a big hook for future homeowners. Consider your climate when you’re choosing the material you use for fencing. Vinyl holds up best in warmer climates and won’t warp under a hot sun. If you’re in a colder area, wood is a good option that can absorb rainwater and handle the elements, although it is widely suggested that you use metal posts with the wood fencing.


Another thing to consider when investing in home updates, especially if the return value is a priority, is work on your garage doors. When selling your home, it’s all about curb appeal. Hand in hand with landscaping is your garage doors and your siding. Investing some time and effort into these updates can be especially easy if you call someone to do it for you and may very well be worth the investment.

From the Top

One of the most important types of easy home updates you can do is to maintain your roof. That’s because damage left undone to your roof can result in flooding and exposure to the elements. It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional at least every five years.

Once you’ve confirmed that your roof is in good shape, you can think about perhaps modernizing it. Using solar panels is an approach that’s increasing in popularity. It’s estimated that homeowners can save thousands of dollars over the years in energy costs. This update can be a strategic one, especially if you put your home up for sale.

If you want to opt for a traditional look, shingles is an affordable way to redo your roof if necessary. They come in many colors and styles. Or you can try for a metal or tile surface.

While you’re up there, make sure your gutters are clean — it’s recommended you do so twice a year at least. If they’re clogged, it can lead to various issues, such as mold, potential flooding in the attic and basement and causing cracks in the driveway and other walkways around the home.

A Different Light

Believe it or not, improving the lighting outside your home is among the easy home updates that can make a huge difference. There are various options here, and they go beyond the standard light pole concept. In-ground lighting can be very effective, especially when aimed at trees or used to outline walkways. There’s also string lighting, which is often used during the holidays, but plain white lights in your trees year-round can change the look of your back yard. If you’re having difficulty choosing a style that works for you, perhaps an outdoor lighting service can help you decide.

What’s Cooking?

The kitchen is another frequent target for renovations. When it comes to simple touches that make a difference, consider installing decorative light panels over your ceiling lighting. If your cabinet doors need a change, you can choose to paint them, or if they’re made of wood, you can stain them, which will make them look like new. Installing a backsplash along the wall behind the sink or the stove is another relatively easy update. Among the most popular options are marble, granite, and slate. But there are so many options that can fit your style.

You might not need to swap out your kitchen sink, but it’s a good idea to take a look at the faucet. There are many colors and styles to choose from, but recently, pull-down faucets have grown in popularity because they can be removed from the base to make cleaning much easier. Some of them also have separate soap dispensers for convenience. Updating this small part of your kitchen can make a difference.

Living Room Tweaks

Homeowners usually start their easy home updates in the living room. It’s where families end to spend the most time. It’s also an area that can be transformed with a few simple changes. For example, covering your hardwood floors with floor mats or carpet is a relatively inexpensive change that can make a difference in a room. If you choose carpet, however, you’ll want to invest in a carpet cleaning service at least every year to keep it looking as new as the day you purchased it. If you have carpeting, another option is to peek under it to see if the floor beneath might be a good improvement. You might find that you have quality hardwood flooring or tiles — even possibly decorative terrazzo. Terrazzo floors are known to be durable and require little maintenance.

Another effortless change you can make is re-upholstering your chairs and couch. You don’t have to buy a new furniture set to make your living room set look new. It’s much more affordable and the look can be updated anytime you want.

Bathroom Updates

There are lots of easy home updates that can be done in a bathroom. You can start with replacing dated tiling on the walls and floors. Updating floor mats can make a difference here, too. Updating your shower doors can also change the look of the room. When choosing a new door, remember that you should choose something low-maintenance and easy to clean. Mold can accumulate in the door tracks, so make sure there’s a good drainage system. Replacing the door with a shower curtain is another solution. Look for one that will keep water from leaking out of the tub. Sustained water exposure could lead to long-term and costly damage to your bathroom floor.

If you have older toilets and bathtubs, it’s a great idea to update them. If you’re not sure where to start, you can consult with a company that specializes in bathroom remodeling.

Bedroom Updates

It’s said that people spend most of their time in the living room, but there’s no doubt that the bedroom is where you want to be the most comfortable. The bed is usually the centerpiece of the room and simply changing your bedspread is an example of the easy home updates that are fairly inexpensive and effective. It’s also true that swapping out your bedroom furniture set can make a big difference as well, including the headboard. Some sets include a mirror, and that simple change can make your room look bigger. An updated nightstand and other dresser and chest of drawers changes can also help.

Lots of people use overhead ceiling fans to make the room stand out. There are lots of styles available depending on your style and color scheme. Ceiling fans are affordable, but as with anything involving electricity, you’ll want to have a professional install it. But once you’ve done that, fans are cost and energy-efficient.

If your lighting fixture in the bedroom is nondescript, why not change it? You can add this update relatively easily. It’s also possible to change out the lighting globes instead of the entire fixture.

Basement and Attic Ideas

If you have a basement and you’re not sure what to do with it, just know that whatever you do with it, make sure it’s finished. While it might cost money, you will find that it will add value to your home. Homeowners are always on the hunt for houses with as much space as possible.

One popular option for basements is turning it into a home gym. That’s a really popular idea now, given the current concern over visiting public gyms. You can equip the gym with free weights, yoga mats, and even an elliptical machine.

The room can also be converted to a family room. It’s as easy as installing a comfortable couch or a big-screen television — or even a projector screen to reproduce that look of a movie theater.

Many of us are working from home these days — it’s the byproduct of a wireless world. The basement might be a great option for a home office. It’s away from the main quarters and assuming you can control the temperature, it can be a comfortable place for an office. For the sake of comfort and productivity, you might want to shop for an ergonomic chair and gel mouse pad. You will likely also need a quality printer.

The attic can be a trickier proposition because you are likely dealing with an awkwardly shaped room. You might think the area under the attic’s eaves is useless, but you can be creative here. There might be room for a bed built into the odd area, or even a bookshelf. If you use this area for office space, it might be a good place for a desk if you don’t need an expanded area. If you’re fortunate enough to have windows in your area, but it’s not in an area flat against a wall, that’s okay. You can use tinting film to control the light intake or motorized shades designed to work no matter where your window is stationed. Temperature can be an issue in an attic, but you can use a portable air conditioner or heater to help with this issue.


As you can see, there’s no need to be intimidated when it comes to home improvement. There are plenty of options for easy home updates that you can follow through on and can add value to your home. At this rate, you can complete projects in every area of your house.

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