Drones Give Real Estate Agents an Edge in Property Marketing

Delivery drone

In order to meet, if not exceed, the needs of their clientele, real estate agents are known for taking advantage of the latest technology and trends, such as social media platforms, to ensure that each property is presented in the best way possible. However, some real estate agents have taken property marketing to the next level, literally.

One real estate company in the UK, Savills, is leading the way by using drones to help market their properties. The drones allow them to take airborne video and photographs, which agents can then use to help show the homes to prospective buyers. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), offer a number of advantages over traditional means of aerial photography. For example, they’re significantly more affordable and can produce higher quality media than helicopters.

Also, with required consents and permits, they can be flow nearly anywhere — as opposed to aerial masts which are limited in height and must be set up and positioned properly. Another advantage is that drones based on the open source Arduino platform allow tech-savvy users to customize them for specific purposes, such as real estate aerial photography.

Savills first began using drones to market homes on a larger scale almost two years ago, having anticipated their potential to convey homes in 3D, which brings the property to life for house hunters. Drone-captured photography and media offers potential home buyers dramatic details of a home that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with traditional aerial photography. Also, potential buyers a better sense of the surrounding landscape, which is almost as important as the home itself.

However, there’s more than meets the bird’s eye when it comes to drone photography. The art and science of drone photography is complex. A common mistake is showing too much of the home’s roof, but this can be avoided by shooting video and photographs from a 45-degree angle. This allows the home’s best features, such as its architecture and landscaping, to be presented in a more aesthetically pleasing and flattering way.

The novelty of drone photography has proven enough to pique the interest of many potential buyers.

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