Why More Marketers Are Turning to Twitter for Social Media Campaigns

Cute twitter bird tweeting a message.

Two-thirds of marketers now consider Twitter to be the most effective platform for social media marketing campaigns, a new study has found — but Facebook is still highly important due to its sheer size.

In a recent survey of marketing professionals conducted by Edelman and the Marketing Institute of Ireland, 67% of respondents consider Twitter to be an effective marketing tool, while 59% of respondents said the same for LinkedIn and 55% for Facebook.

The numbers don’t lie — in the third quarter of 2014 alone, Twitter made an incredible 185 billion impressions on consumers, The Guardian reports.

Additionally, about 87% of the marketing professionals surveyed said they use Twitter; 74% use LinkedIn, 73% use Facebook, 50% use YouTube and 34% use blogs as a marketing tool. The importance of social media as a whole to a brand’s marketing strategy was acknowledged by virtually all respondents, with 91% agreeing that social media is important to business.

But while Twitter might have surpassed other platforms as the most effective platform, Facebook is still the most important platform due to the number of users it boasts — 1.19 billion active users each month. In comparison, Twitter only has about 288 million active users per month, according to The Guardian.

“Marketing today is live and fluent, we need to know and understand how to use our digital tools and resources and utilize the best platform(s) for our business,” says Tiffiny Hladczuk, President ITS- Integrated Technology Services

Despite the fact that 9 in 10 of the study’s respondents use social media to market their clients’ brands, there is still plenty of room for marketers to improve. Only 49% of the survey’s respondents said they know how to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their social media campaigns — meaning they don’t have an accurate way to observe how effective their social marketing efforts are.

Luckily, the survey found that 75% of today’s marketing professionals plan to increase the portions of their budgets allocated toward social media marketing — meaning social media marketing will continue to improve and expand throughout 2015.

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