Countering a Low Personal Injury Settlement Offer

This video of how to counter a low personal injury settlement offer is following the process of rejecting a lesser offer. Before rejecting a personal injury offer, you have to receive one, which might take a couple of weeks after the discussion. However, before receiving a written settlement offer, the claims adjusters will extend it via phone.

It should be noted that there is a maximum amount that the claims adjuster can offer, known as the adjuster’s authority.

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This can be found in the settlement offer along with the adjuster’s amount that is offered initially. This is not the maximum amount that can be offered. It is set as a maximum amount to bid against but is not the final amount.

The claims adjusters are not proactive when it comes to making sure the personal settlement offer is accepted. They are holding the process, as it is creating more profit for the company. The longer they keep the money in, the more interest they earn from it.

So you are responsible for making sure that your personal injury settlement offer is being processed promptly. If an offer is being extended to you via phone, it is best to ask to receive it in writing as well. It should be accompanied by an explanation and the exact amount you have been offered. Once the offer is received, you should consider if it is a lowball offer or a fair one and respond accordingly.

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