Could Ariana Grande’s Ponytail Be Hiding Something? Her Hair Stylist Weighs In

UPDATED 10/30/20

Singer Ariana Grande was under the weather this week, but according to OK! magazine, that might not be the only trouble she’s facing. But it doesn’t have to do with her vocal cords — it’s her signature high ponytail that’s causing her problems.

According to an anonymous hair stylist who worked with Grande, the pint-sized pop star might be going bald if she keeps wearing her hair up high.

But right now, that style is the only thing that Grande has to cover up the hair loss, said OK!’s source.

The tipster, who allegedly works on Grande’s style team, said that what’s left of the 22-year-old’s hair is a mess. “It’s destroyed at the ends, and the reason she scrapes it back into a high ponytail all the time is because it’s kind of patchy on top.”

While it is possible for hair to become damaged when pulled back too tightly, is Grande’s ‘do really that dangerous?

In the event that Grande does begin losing her hair, she may be choosing a hair stylist who can help her with a new look (and maybe keep mum about her mane).

Yet Grande hasn’t exactly been quiet about the damage to her hair, either. “It looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down,” she’d posted to Twitter. She also commented on the difficulty of styling it, saying, that she has to “wear more fake hair than every drag queen on earth combined.”

Her stylist’s suggestion is to “shave it off and start again,” which Grande is reluctant to do. “Without extensions in, it’s bad,” the stylist told OK!. “Don’t expect to see her with a new ‘do anytime soon.”

As for the singer’s health, it’s A-OK, according to Grande’s Twitter. She tweeted on Labor Day, “despite being horribly sick my chords are pretty and perfectly healthy! No idea how but I’m thanking the heavens!! thank u lordtt [sic]!”

She also commented that her doctor said she was fine, despite “a week of coughing and months straight of singing.” So fans who are expecting to see Grande on her Honeymoon Tour can relax.

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