Bud Light Encourages Fans to be “Up For Whatever” With New Packaging Design

Glass of light beer on a dark pub.
Bud Light has been going to great lengths to overhaul its advertising strategy this year as the brand repositions itself to appeal to Millennials. Its “Up for Whatever” campaign will soon enter a new phase leading up to the Super Bowl in February: varied packaging.

Customized packaging or packaging that comes with a variety of messages gained popularity over the past year, especially in the food and beverage industry. A successful campaign from Coca-Cola printed different names on Coke bottles with the catchphrase “Share a Coke with [name].”

Bud Light is planning to use a similar tactic with its new packaging, which will eventually feature over 100 different messages to reinforce the company’s “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens” campaign.

According to Packaging Digest, the first batch of 47 messages will include quotes like “the perfect beer for leaving your comfort zone in another time zone,” and “the perfect beer for taking off the blindfold and showing that piñata who’s boss.”

The colors and logo on the bottle will remain the same, but the brand hopes to add a sense of spontaneity with the different messages.

“Custom packaging messages are a great way to involve your audience to the experience with a product. This is financially easier for a manufacturer (like Bud Light) that is producing millions of labels, but digital printing is making the possibility of creating a similar idea with more modest packaging needs,” says Don Keller of Catalpha Packaging. “If you can find an emotional tie between your product and your customer, this type of packaging is for you.”

“Our fans will truly need to be ‘Up for Whatever’ when they’re enjoying a Bud Light out on the town,” Vice President of Bud Light Alex Lambrecht said in a statement. “We think they’ll have fun doing the ideas printed on our bottles.”

Lambrecht added that fans who prove that they’re “Up for Whatever” may end up becoming part of the Bud Light advertising campaign, like 1,000 fans that were flown out in private jets to Crested Butte, CO. for the beer’s Whatever, USA event. The fans were invited to party for a whole weekend in the blue-painted party town while enjoying free beer and concerts.

Bud Light, meanwhile, came away with a massive amount of footage and free social media buzz to use for future advertising ventures.

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