The More People Look at These Interactive Public Awareness Ads, the More Healed Abused Women’s Faces Depicted Get

March 8 marked International Women’s Day, but London-based creative agency WCRS got a jump start on the celebration, putting up a set of billboards to spread awareness of domestic violence. However, they’re not your typical public awareness posters. Raising awareness is a form of activism. The idea is that the first step to changing how […]

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Principle of Last-Click Attribution Clouding Analysis of Marketing Effectiveness

When marketers advise businesses on how to spend their money, they look at statistics on effectiveness in order to tell businesses which marketing channels yield sales. However, one commonly used principle may be undermining the value of those statistics — and the decisions based off of them. The principle itself is called last-click attribution, and […]

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Bud Light Encourages Fans to be “Up For Whatever” With New Packaging Design

Bud Light has been going to great lengths to overhaul its advertising strategy this year as the brand repositions itself to appeal to Millennials. Its “Up for Whatever” campaign will soon enter a new phase leading up to the Super Bowl in February: varied packaging. Customized packaging or packaging that comes with a variety of […]

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The New York Times’ First Native Print Ad Features Slick Infographics, Augmented Reality Videos

Native advertising has been a staple on the internet for some time, but now advertisers can even look to print to distribute branded information that blends in with editorial content. On Nov. 19, the¬†New York Times¬†unveiled an eight-page section of native ads for Shell titled “Cities Energized: The Urban Transition,” which illustrates the link between […]

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