Australian Man Ticketed for Strapping Beer in with Seatbelts While Children Sat on the Laps of Passengers

Failing to wear a seatbelt is a crime just about everywhere in the world, but these violations are much more serious when children become endangered due to the poor decisions of a driver.

According to RT.com, a 27-year-old Western Australian man was recently ticketed after police pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. Upon questioning the driver, police were shocked to find that he had cases of beer secured in his car with seatbelts — yet several children in the vehicle were not strapped in.

Broome Police pulled the man over on the Great Northern Highway around noon last Wednesday, April 6, when they made the startling discovery. More than one child, including a baby less than a year old, were seated on the laps of passengers and in the car’s foot wells while the seatbelts were used to secure cases of beer.

The driver, who has not been identified by name, was charged with “no authority to drive and failure to restrain a child.” Despite the alarming nature of this crime, Kimberley District Superintendent Allan Adam said that these types of problems are common in Western Australia.

“[We do have] problems up here in the Kimberley,” Adam said. “It shows some of the attitudes of some of our road users in the way they see their priorities.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that drivers ages 18 to 34 are less likely to wear seatbelts than their older peers, and men are 10% less likely to wear seatbelts than women. Young men seem to be driving more negligently than ever, and the current climate of avoiding wearing seatbelts in Western Australia can compound this poor decision-making.

Furthermore, Australia has one of the biggest problems with proper seatbelt usage in the entire world. According to the Queensland Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety, approximately 20% of Australian drivers and passengers killed in car crashes each year were not wearing a seatbelt.

As for the beer-toting man from Broome, Superintendent Adam added that his jurisdiction has growing concerns with a recent increase of other traffic violations, including drivers with suspended licenses.

Many of these road crimes occur with children in the vehicle, and Adam is hoping that residents make positive changes before tragedy strikes.

Young Couple Seriously Injured after Being Struck by Lightning While Camping in the Catskills

Most people know their odds of getting struck by lightning, but few understood just how serious such an incident can be. Last week, a young couple was severely injured when lightning struck their remote campsite.

According to the Watershed Post, an unidentified married couple from Princeton, NJ, nearly lost their lives on March 16 when they were struck by lightning while camping in the Green County Catskills.

The couple, a man and woman in their twenties, set up camp in a secluded part of the Catskills forest with their dog last Wednesday night. The makeshift campsite was located in a grove surrounded by towering hemlock trees.

As the couple began preparing dinner, dark clouds and heavy rain began to engulf the campsite. Eventually, lightning struck two hemlock trees that were directly adjacent to where the couple had pitched their tent.

Tent camping is preferred by about 86% of people because it allows campers to experience the outdoors without the luxury of an RV or cabin. However, sleeping in a tent also leaves campers vulnerable to dangerous situations, such as bears or lightning strikes.

When lightning struck the couple’s campsite, the surrounding trees were immediately destroyed. New York State Forest Ranger Rob Dawson claims that the tree closest to the couple “basically had its bark blown off.”

Dawson believes the lightning that struck the trees then traveled several feet through the “ground effect” to strike the couple. While the dog was uninjured, the woman was immediately knocked unconscious, and the man barely managed to call 911 from a cell phone before he also lost consciousness.

Within minutes, about 30 first responders were en route to the scene of the incident. Medical personnel hiked about one quarter of a mile into the woods through heavy rain to track down the injured couple.

According to Wild Backpacker, more than 50 people are killed in the U.S. each year by lightning strikes. Though 90% of strike victims survive, approximately 80% sustain serious injuries that can linger for the rest of their lives.

While the long-term effects of this incident will not be known for quite some time, the injured man had lost sensation in his legs by the time medical assistance arrived. His wife was able to walk to a nearby ambulance with some assistance despite sustaining a concussion.

The woman was released from the hospital later that day, but her husband was still being closely monitored in a hospital as of March 17. Dawson added that the odds of this couple being struck by lightning were astronomical, considering the fact that they were the only ones camping in that particular forest at the time.

While this incident was certainly unlucky, it’s safe to say the man and woman both feel fortunate to have escaped with their lives.

French Tourism Still Isn’t 100%, But It’s Getting There

It’s taking a long time for France to rebound after the grisly terrorist attacks, first on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and then, last November, in a coordinated attack in Paris that hit several spots but focused on a packed concert hall.

To clarify: It didn’t take long for the spirit of France to rebound after the attacks. Even as officials warned locals and tourists alike to seek shelter inside, piles of flowers and candles were laid out before vigils that attracted hundreds.

Many tourists chose to stay in France following the attacks or to continue their plans to visit the country as a way of showing support. Sure, most of the popular tourist traps were closed by the government, but independent business owners still had to make a living and re-open.

But many French tourism officials have been worried, especially following the November attacks.

As the Financial Times reported that immediately following the attacks, many businesses in Paris saw sales drop by anywhere from 40-60%. Visitors didn’t have to wait for seats at world-famous restaurants and it was possible to see the Mona Lisa up close without being hustled along by other tourists — but it just didn’t feel the same.

It’s the restaurants and local shops, like the quaint La Belle Equipe, that provided shelter without hesitation in the midst of the attacks but now struggle to make ends meet. Located just a few blocks away from the Bataclan concert hall, La Belle Equipe is big enough to seat about 30 customers. As The Guardian reported, owner Robin Greiner squeezed in 80 people that night when the terrorists opened fire. The metal shutters were pulled down in the front windows, everyone was given some wine on the house, and Greiner “refused to let anyone leave until 4am.”

La Belle Equipe is back on its feet now but just as other local shops, far fewer customers are stopping by. A handful of missing customers here, a couple fewer sales there — it all adds up, and it’s becoming more obvious now that the French tourism industry is struggling.

As Tourism-Review.com noted, the lack of economic activity from tourists isn’t consistent across the country; rural, mountainous, and coastline vacation spots have hardly been affected by the attacks at all. Within Paris, however, virtually every industry is seeing lower revenue compared to a year ago.

“Paris tourism is seasonal. Historically, the winter months spanning from December through February have always been a slower period for the tourism industry,” said Alley Bradley, Managing Director, Paris Copia. “Hotels and vacation apartment rentals offer discounted rates and the availability for restaurant tables are more abundant and the attractions less crowded.

“Sure, these numbers were exacerbated by the events that transpired in November but just this month, we are seeing numbers on the rebound. The best indicator will come this summer, specifically June and July, which is the high season for tourism. But, in my opinion, Paris will rebound just like NYC after 2001. It just takes a little time.”

Experts say that it will take months before Paris begins rebounding economically. So one thing is pretty clear now: If you’ve ever thought about visiting Paris or if you want to show your support to the French people, now is the perfect time to plan a trip.

The New ‘Kendall & Kylie’ Mobile Game Has Reached Unprecedented Success Already

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the youngest members of the notorious Kardashian-Jenner clan, recently released a new mobile game that has already skyrocketed to the top of the mobile app charts.

The game, aptly titled “Kendall and Kylie,” takes players on a “windy path to fame,” according to App Trigger. The ultimate goal is to reach a Kardashian-Jenner level of super-stardom, and Kendall and Kylie make several appearances throughout the game to give advice on fashion, social media, and high-profile parties.

The game was created by Glu Mobile, which has already created the wildly-popular “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game and “Katy Perry Pop” game.

Although most would agree that Kim Kardashian is the most famous member of the family these days, it seems that her youngest sisters were able to grab the mobile app spotlight with their game even faster than Kim could. “Kendall and Kylie” was released on Feb. 17 and, according to Social Times, it netted more than 1.3 million downloads in the first five days; “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” on the other hand, was only downloaded a measly 612,000 times in its first five days.

The app is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play. It’s free to download, but there are several in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 “Get It Started” kits to a $100 premium pack of “K-Gems,” according to Fortune.

For the record, we aren’t entirely sure what either of those purchases really mean… but all in all, the two sisters earned over $680,000 through in-app purchases within five days.

Having lived in the media spotlight their whole lives, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are pros when it comes to promoting everything from couture fashion lines to lip balm. Promoting a new app is as simple as sending out a few Tweets, posting a screenshot on Instagram, and then letting the media do the rest.

“The app landscape is extremely competitive. There needs to be a clear launch strategy in place two months prior to the anticipated launch of a new app,” said Ola Danilina, CEO and Founder of PMBC Group, a Los Angeles-based tech firm specializing in PR for apps.

“This launch strategy should include beta testing, clear messaging, target demographics and exclusive coverage needs to be confirmed with top media outlets upon launch. Momentum gained in the first three months after launch is crucial to the overall success of the app.”

Digital Marketing Experts Predict New Trends in Web Design for 2016

Web design is one of the most fluid components of digital marketing, and experts are now trying to predict how (and if) the industry will see any changes during 2016.

According to Business2Community, web designers are weighing the pros and cons of several web design trends that emerged in 2015 to develop a proactive strategy for the coming year.

Several trends are expected to change drastically, while others may be completely phased out due to poor response from web users. One trend in particular that many expect to become obsolete is long-form scrolling.

Long-form scrolling essentially eliminates one step (creating different homepage menus) from the web design process, making it popular among web designers. However, consumers have been known to grow weary of scrolling for more than a few drags of the thumb, which makes this practice something to avoid in 2016.

Another popular web design trend that is expected to disappear is photos with built-in text that bring users to other pages on the website. While this also helps to consolidate pages on a website, it often confuses users who expect to find all of their information via navigation menus, as opposed to embedded links.

Website design trends are constantly evolving, and there is no single “correct way” to design a web page. Professional web design companies constantly upgrade their practices to best serve clients, which is why so many major companies utilize their services.

“The opportunities for people to do their own web design are more plentiful than ever. However, it is important for people and brands to consider the tremendous value added by professional web designers,” said Colby Richards, Managing Partner with Brown Box Branding Seattle. “Doing the work on a daily basis and having the ability to measure the effectiveness of various designs puts the pros in a strong position to help avoid costly pitfalls that may actually harm a brand.”

It seems as though 2016 will bring about widespread change in the world of web design, but experts also believe that some trends will remain unchanged this year.

According to FastCoDesign, web users will continue to see a heavier emphasis on mobile optimization in 2016. It seems as if everyone now has a smartphone, and companies have been making changes to accommodate mobile users for the past several years.

Additionally, experts also predict that the recent trend of creating eye-catching illustrations for websites will hold strong this year. Instead of using stock photos, more web designers are using their artistic chops to give websites a more unique appeal.

It remains to be seen how different web design will look towards the end of 2016, but it’s safe to say that some distinct changes are on the horizon for many web designers.

New Research Reveals That Bed Sheets and Pillows May Be Dirtier Than Most People Think

There is no concrete rule regarding when to wash bed sheets, but scientists are now claiming that bedding may need to be cleaned much more often than most people think.
Tech Insider recently spoke to Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and pathologist at the New York University School of Medicine. He gave them some insight into the germs and debris that are lurking in every set of bed sheets at any given moment.
“You have spores of fungi, bacteria, animal dander, pollen, soil, lint, finishing agents of whatever the sheets are made from, coloring material, all sorts of excrements from the body including sweat, sputum, vaginal, and anal excretions, urine milieu, and skin cells,” said Tierno.
While most of these germs are naturally occurring, Tierno also pointed out a few other ways that people tend to accidentally infest their beds with contaminants.
“…There are cosmetics that people use — they put oils and creams on their body, all of that is in that milieu, including food by the way, people eat in the bed. That of course provides a nice environment for these organisms,” said Tierno.
Tierno added that bed sheets “should be washed probably on the average of once a week,” but some bed owners wait much longer to wash their sheets because they’re afraid the bedding won’t last as long that way.
To combat this early wear and tear, most bedding experts recommend linen sheets. Organic linen stands up to constant washing better than cotton or other materials, allowing bed owners to keep their sheets clean without needing to buy new ones.
Tech Insider also performed a survey of 523 adults to find out how often they wash their bed sheets, and the results were surprising. They claim that 46% of respondents wash their sheets at least once a week.
In a similar survey, The Mirror, an English publication, found that the average adult in the UK only washes their bed sheets once every two weeks. Even worse, about 45% of respondents in that same survey said they have never even washed their pillows or duvets.
While the stark contrast between these two surveys could be indicative of cultural differences between the UK and the U.S., there’s also a good chance that some Americans fudged their responses to sound more clean than they actually are.

New Synthetic Cannibas Pill May Treat Sleep Apnea

Prescription pillsThere are a few options for treating sleep apnea, including new or used CPAP machines, but there’s one method of treatment that is unlike any other currently on the market.

Medical professionals have developed a synthetic cannabis pill that could potentially treat sleep apnea. This could help keep patients’ airways from closing while they’re sleeping, leading to a better night’s sleep and breathing that isn’t labored.

While a CPAP machine is a common choice of treatment for sleep apnea, some users complain of not being able to wear it throughout the night and dislike having marks on their face in the morning.

News4Jax spoke with Lisa Smith, a sleep apnea sufferer, who consistently uses her CPAP machine while sleeping. When told about a potential synthetic cannabis pill that could ease her apnea, she was optimistic about the possibility of being able to fall asleep easily.

“If it will put me to sleep, I will do it,” Smith said.

Affecting an estimated 18 million Americans, sleep apnea is a not-so-silent killer for many. If left untreated, sufferers are four times as likely to have a stroke and are three times as likely to develop heart disease.

Sleep apnea is a condition that leads to the constant stopping and restarting of breathing while asleep. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, these pauses cut off oxygen to the brain and brings you from a deep sleep to a shallow sleep state. This shift occurs throughout the night, leaving sufferers feeling tired throughout the day, no matter how much sleep they got.

The biggest danger of sleep apnea is being undiagnosed. Because there are no blood tests available to diagnose it, and the patient certainly can’t tell if their windpipe is becoming obstructed in their sleep, it may be left unnoticed for years. It is usually a family member or bed partner that first notices it.

While disturbed sleep may seem mild, it takes a huge toll on the body. Some patients don’t seek treatment and instead spend years without getting a good night’s rest.

GE Releases Smartphone Capable Pizza Oven

General Electric has released a pizza oven that is raising eyebrows all over the internet.

The GE oven, dubbed the Monogram Pizza Oven, can reach 800 degrees within half an hour and 1,200 degrees at full blast, which is enough to cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in just two minutes, according to Digital Trends. By comparison, a run-of-the-mill oven can barely reach 550 degrees, while commercial pizza ovens hit 800 degrees.

While the ability to reach such a high temperature is impressive, it doesn’t stop there. The engineers at GE aimed to replicate the best pizza ovens to provide the best pizza-making experience possible. Considering that more than 90% of people eat at least one piece of pizza each month, this feat may prove quite tempting to potential buyers.

They did this by building a “digital pizza” and loaded it with sensors. They then sent it around the country and had cooks at legendary pizza restaurants throw them into their ovens to see what the conditions were like.

The sensors were able to measure three different types of heat: conduction, convection, and radiant.

The dedication paid off. The engineers were able to dictate exactly what kind of heat needed to be applied to a prepared pizza in order for it to cook optimally.

Considering the oven doesn’t have a conventional door to close it, some consumers may be worried about the temperature rising in their kitchen when the oven is in use.

“It’s similar to putting an oven on self-clean,” GE product evangelist Taylor Dawson explained. This means the air will be circulated back into your kitchen through a vent and is filtered to remove any burnt smells. Essentially, using the oven will raise the temperature within the kitchen.

Another aspect of the oven that is making waves is its smartphone capabilities. Users can set the oven temperature via a touchscreen on the oven itself or through a smartphone app that is in development. The app will connect to the oven via Bluetooth, allowing the owners to remotely set the oven temperature.

GE is actually a bit of a latecomer to the luxury pizza oven trend. In the past several years, outdoor wood fired pizza ovens in particular have become a popular item among luxury builders.

“Pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular in residential applications. Those who have experienced the taste of pizza cooked in a genuine wood-fired oven can immediately discern a flavorful difference,” said Kirk Laing, the owner of Fontana Forni USA.

Laing added, “With the advent of cooking shows and the desire for great, genuine food, homeowners are making an effort to return to healthy eating. Outside gatherings around a wood-fired oven, cooking with real, natural wood, not only promote a comfortable family atmosphere, but also provide a genuine Italian cuisine experience that can be traced back centuries. This heritage is one that has been enjoyed worldwide for generations, and we strive to continue that same experience and flavor with our own ovens.”

The Monogram Pizza Oven will cost roughly $10,000, according to Gizmodo, which is a bit more than what most consumers would spend on standard pizza ovens and wood fired pizza oven kits.

All-Natural Charcoal Deodorant Takes Marketplace by Storm

armpitTwo childhood friends have graduated from lemonade stands to sold-out stock on their latest invention: all natural deodorant.

Jessica Edelstein and Sarah Ribner appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in December. The new year has proven incredibly successful for them, and they have since seen a boom in sales for their product PiperWai.

Their online store has started a wait-list for the deodorant, stating an overwhelming demand has left them without enough stock. However, they hope to catch up soon.

Both graduates of the University of Philadelphia, the two women decided to take a stab at natural deodorant after realizing there was a huge lack of natural deodorants on the market.

Inquistr.com reported that after tinkering with the formula, they found a combination that looked promising. To test it, Edelstein gave Ribner a jar to take with her on a service trip to South America. After using it for a few days in blazing heat, Ribner realized the product did work and kept her smelling fresh throughout the day.

According to The Temple News of Temple University, the women realized the special ingredient was activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is believed to be good for gastrointestinal health and is extremely absorbent.

“Charcoal can absorb a thousand times its own moisture because of its large surface area,” Edelstein said. “We did a lot of research before adding the ingredient to the formula.”

Not only is charcoal great at absorbing and neutralizing the odor-causing bacteria in sweat, but it also goes on clear and doesn’t stain clothes as other deodorants do. While the product doesn’t act as an antiperspirant and won’t stop excessive sweating, it is marketed as a way to neutralize the odors caused by sweat.

“While neutralizing the perspiration once it appears is a great approach to removing the smell and feeling one gets from sweating, neutralizing it is only covering up or negating a symptom that is already present. A more direct or effective approach is to prevent the sweat from appearing, or stopping it,” said Christopher J. Ligi, Director of Sales with Hidrex USA, LLC.

Ligi added that other alternatives already exist for treating excessive sweating.

“A safe, healthy, and natural approach for someone suffering from excessive sweating is iontophoresis, which uses a mild electrical current through water to greatly reduce the activity of an over-active sweat gland. These iontophoresis machines have been widely used in Europe for over 35 years to treat excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, but only recently became available in the Americas,” Ligi said.

Still, once Edelstein and Ribner were able to present their product to the panel of Shark Tank, they were offered two investment deals, eventually settling on an offer for $50,000 in exchange for 25% equity in the company.

The team hopes to release a stick version of the deodorant in the near future.

Fraudulent Car Inspection Stickers Leave Unsafe Cars on the Road

In New York State, cars must pass an annual inspection to remain on the road. It is a precaution of safety for the driver as well as others on the road to ensure a car is functioning properly. If your car is past the inspection date, you might get pulled over and ticketed.

Many people put off their inspection as long as possible for a host of different reasons. Maybe they know their car will not pass inspection; if they cannot afford to make the necessary repairs, they avoid inspection and simply just hope law enforcement officials will not notice. Whatever the case, several motorists try to delay car inspections until they absolutely have no choice but to remedy the situation.

In an effort to avoid them even further, a new criminal method has arisen. Cars that cannot pass inspection remain on the road with stickers that are either fake or obtained through fraud. By making counterfeit inspection stickers, a person can avoid actually going through the inspection process while tricking law enforcement into thinking they have.

CBS New York reported that last summer, police in Babylon found 93 fake inspection stickers on cars on Long Island. Having a fake sticker is not only dangerous if your car is unfit to drive, but now it is considered a felony.

Earlier this month, New York State Police stopped a Putnam County man for speeding. When the cop pulled the man over, he found one of those infamous fake stickers. He charged the man for a fraudulent offense.

“Someone being prosecuted with a felony for having a fake sticker, I think, is a very strong deterrent,” said AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair.

People like Sinclair understand the importance of car inspections. Say a car has bad brakes — the car would not pass a standard inspection, thus requiring the driver to have them repaired. If the motorist continues driving with bad brakes, they are prone to more accidents.

How are people acquiring these fake stickers? There are several different sources.

For instance, CBS 2 found ads on the internet selling inspection stickers for $80. It is uncertain whether they are stolen stickers or if they are fabricated by counterfeiters.

Another source said many people try to bribe the workers at inspection stations with cash to pass their car anyway, despite the condition.

The article from CBS reports that the stickers are so valuable, many inspection stations have to keep them locked up.

Law enforcement officials continue to keep an eye out for fake stickers: they say the color fades on the counterfeit ones after just a few weeks on the windshield.