GE Releases Smartphone Capable Pizza Oven

General Electric has released a pizza oven that is raising eyebrows all over the internet.

The GE oven, dubbed the Monogram Pizza Oven, can reach 800 degrees within half an hour and 1,200 degrees at full blast, which is enough to cook a Neapolitan-style pizza in just two minutes, according to Digital Trends. By comparison, a run-of-the-mill oven can barely reach 550 degrees, while commercial pizza ovens hit 800 degrees.

While the ability to reach such a high temperature is impressive, it doesn’t stop there. The engineers at GE aimed to replicate the best pizza ovens to provide the best pizza-making experience possible. Considering that more than 90% of people eat at least one piece of pizza each month, this feat may prove quite tempting to potential buyers.

They did this by building a “digital pizza” and loaded it with sensors. They then sent it around the country and had cooks at legendary pizza restaurants throw them into their ovens to see what the conditions were like.

The sensors were able to measure three different types of heat: conduction, convection, and radiant.

The dedication paid off. The engineers were able to dictate exactly what kind of heat needed to be applied to a prepared pizza in order for it to cook optimally.

Considering the oven doesn’t have a conventional door to close it, some consumers may be worried about the temperature rising in their kitchen when the oven is in use.

“It’s similar to putting an oven on self-clean,” GE product evangelist Taylor Dawson explained. This means the air will be circulated back into your kitchen through a vent and is filtered to remove any burnt smells. Essentially, using the oven will raise the temperature within the kitchen.

Another aspect of the oven that is making waves is its smartphone capabilities. Users can set the oven temperature via a touchscreen on the oven itself or through a smartphone app that is in development. The app will connect to the oven via Bluetooth, allowing the owners to remotely set the oven temperature.

GE is actually a bit of a latecomer to the luxury pizza oven trend. In the past several years, outdoor wood fired pizza ovens in particular have become a popular item among luxury builders.

“Pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular in residential applications. Those who have experienced the taste of pizza cooked in a genuine wood-fired oven can immediately discern a flavorful difference,” said Kirk Laing, the owner of Fontana Forni USA.

Laing added, “With the advent of cooking shows and the desire for great, genuine food, homeowners are making an effort to return to healthy eating. Outside gatherings around a wood-fired oven, cooking with real, natural wood, not only promote a comfortable family atmosphere, but also provide a genuine Italian cuisine experience that can be traced back centuries. This heritage is one that has been enjoyed worldwide for generations, and we strive to continue that same experience and flavor with our own ovens.”

The Monogram Pizza Oven will cost roughly $10,000, according to Gizmodo, which is a bit more than what most consumers would spend on standard pizza ovens and wood fired pizza oven kits.

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