Some Occupations Where You Are Constantly Active

According to the CDC, 25% of Americans aren’t active enough in their daily lives. Unfortunately, this sedentary behavior is blamed for several health issues, including chronic diseases and premature death. In addition, sitting down too much means losing out on physical activity benefits like improved moods & sleep and reduced depression & anxiety. So, if you’re considering getting a job, look for one where you are constantly active and not at desk. Below is a look at some of these occupations guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

A Pool Industry Professional

If you’re looking for a job where you’re often not at desk, consider the pool industry. You’ll often be on your feet in this occupation, allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits of physical activity. In addition, working in the pool industry can be very satisfying; you’ll be helping homeowners with one of their most prized home improvement projects.

The best part about a career in the pool industry is that there are many active occupations to consider. For example, you can be a pool contractor who assists homeowners in constructing, installing, repairing, or renovating their swimming pools. You can be a maintenance technician who offers solutions like pool cleaning, water treatment, or pool opening services.

However, one thing to note is that being a pool professional can be very physically demanding. According to Aqua Magazine, all pool jobs are exhausting, whether you’re doing construction tasks or simply cleaning the pool. In addition, given the nature of the industry, you can expect to work long hours and sometimes under the hot sun, especially during peak seasons. However, the physical can be more than worth it, and the job beats sitting at your desk all day long.

A Foundation Contractor

A foundation contractor is one of the top occupations in the home improvement and construction industries. It’s also one of the most physically active jobs, where you’re not at desk for most of your workday. So, if you’re not looking for a sedentary lifestyle, this is one of the top careers you can consider.

As a foundation professional, you can choose between several roles. This can include more jobs like building a foundation for a new building, the kind of task that deep foundation contractors usually handle. Other excellent examples include foundation repair, retrofitting, and replacement. In addition, homeowners can hire you for tasks that touch on the foundation, for example, basement remodeling, floor cracks repairs, or new floor installation.

However, before becoming a foundation contractor, you should note that it’s one of the most physically demanding jobs. According to a study published by the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, working in the construction industry requires performing several physiologically demanding tasks. This includes operating heavy equipment, moving heavy goods, and performing tasks like mixing concrete and wheeling concrete. Therefore, you need to be physically and mentally prepared for the occupation, although a few weeks on the job might be enough to whip you into shape.

A Deck Contractor

A deck contractor is another top occupation to consider if you’re looking for a job where you are not at desk most of the time. It’s also a rewarding career; according to Zip Recruiter, the average deck contractor salary in the U.S. is $46,917. However, you could earn even more depending on the location and experience and by starting your deck services company.

As a deck contractor, you can also choose from various jobs. For example, you can be a deck builder specializing in new decks. Or you can be a contractor who does deck repair, renovation, and replacement. Additionally, you could offer homeowners other solutions like under deck waterproofing services, deck cleaning, mold remediation, termite removal, etc.

Like most other occupations in the home improvement industry, being a deck contractor can be physically demanding, though it will depend on the job you’re hired to do. For example, when building a new deck, you might have to excavate, dig holes, mix and pour concrete, and carry heavy materials and supplies. On the other hand, you might be hired for less physically demanding jobs like power washing or staining a deck. Nonetheless, being a deck contractor requires being on your feet at a job site.

A Tree Care Expert

If you prefer a job where you’re not at desk all day, tree care is another excellent occupation. Whatever role you choose, you’re almost guaranteed to be always on your feet or doing other equally physically active tasks. And if you’re wondering about job prospects, tree care services are always in high demand. In fact, according to a report by NIP Group, the industry is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, so landing a job will be very easy.

As a tree care specialist, one of the top jobs you can do is tree trimming to remove dead, damaged, and overhanging branches. Another excellent idea is to offer services to promote healthy tree growth, such as pruning, fertilization, health assessment, and pest & disease management. You can also work as a tree removal contractor to help property owners remove diseased or unwanted trees on their premises.

You can handle several other roles and duties as a tree care specialist. For example, you can work for a tree removal company that offers emergency tree services after a storm. Or you could work as a tree planting professional either at a nursery or by helping clients to plant new trees on their property. Lastly, you can also work as a consultant to advise people on the best trees to plant, where to plant them (landscape design), tree care practices, and others.

A Fence Professional

Fencing is another top career requiring you to be constantly active and not at desk. Like many contractor jobs, it’s physically demanding; it involves digging post holes, hauling materials and supplies, and using your hands to control and maneuver fencing tools. Nonetheless, it’s a rewarding job; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a fence contractor is $39,840, though you can earn as much as $61,710.

As a fence contractor, you can be hired by a client to handle several types of jobs. One of the most common ones is the installation of a new fence. And depending on the customer’s wishes, you could install various fences, from vinyl to metal, wood, barbed wire, chain link, PVC, and more. In addition, you can specialize in installing special fences, for example, an electrified fence for security and pets or animal control.

Besides installation, fence contractors are also hired for repair services. This can include repairing damaged posts, panels, and other fencing structures. In addition, you can offer maintenance and restoration solutions like power washing, painting, and re-staining fences. Lastly, you can also assist property owners in replacing their damaged or worn-out fences.

An HVAC Contractor

According to Herzing College, working in the HVAC industry is physically demanding. That’s because you must be on your feet most of the time and may need to do some heavy lifting or work at heights and tight corners. But while this can seem scary to some people, it’s the perfect job for anyone looking for an occupation where you are active and not at desk all the time.

Another benefit of working in the HVAC industry is that you can be hired for several jobs. One of the top ones is HVAC installation and replacement. Of course, this is likely one of the most demanding HVAC roles, especially if you’re installing large units on high grounds.

You can also work as a furnace and AC repair contractor, where duties will include troubleshooting and fixing issues with a premises’ heating and cooling systems. On top of that, as an HVAC technician, you can offer additional maintenance services like filter changes, condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and more. Lastly, you can offer solutions like HVAC systems inspection, energy audit, and air balancing, which can help ease your customer’s concerns about their property’s energy efficiency.

A Patio Contractor

A patio contractor is one of the top outdoor occupations, making it perfect if you want a job where you are on your feet and not at desk for long hours. In addition, working outdoors can also be enjoyable, especially in the warm weather. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many outdoor jobs require that you sometimes work in extreme weather, so you must be prepared for this if you want to become a patio contractor.

Working as a patio contractor can involve a lot of different tasks. One of the top ones is patio installation, and this is where you’re likely to be most active. That’s because it involves excavating and laying a base layer before installing the patio. On top of that, you may have to engage in physically demanding tasks like mixing and pouring concrete if you work as a concrete patio contractor.

Apart from installation, you can also offer patio repair, maintenance, and restoration services. This can include fixing cracks in the patio, replacing damaged or missing pavers, or even replacing an entire patio in the event of severe damage. As for patio restoration, you can expect to handle tasks like power washing, resurfacing, re-sealing, and applying an epoxy coating, depending on the patio material.

A Driveway and Walkways Professional

If you love the outdoors and are looking for a job where you’re not at desk all the time, consider becoming a driveway or walkway contractor. This is one of the most active jobs, where you must be on your feet. Unfortunately, like with patio jobs, this might mean working in unfavorable conditions, like cold or rainy days. On the other hand, working outdoors can also be very enjoyable, especially during warm weather.

Working as a walkway or driveway contractor can involve several tasks and activities, which will keep you active throughout your work day. For example, a job might require you to do walkway and driveway installation. And depending on the client’s requests, this could involve installing paver blocks, laying asphalt, or pouring concrete.

Apart from installation, you can offer other driveway and walkway solutions, including repair services to fix damaged surfaces. In addition, you can help clients to maintain their paved areas through services like cleaning and weed removal or by re-sealing, re-coating, and repaving their exteriors. These physical tasks will require you to be on your feet most of the time.

An Outdoor Living Spaces Professional

An outdoor living contractor is another top active job to consider. It will mostly involve working on clients’ homes and doing construction work, so you’re guaranteed to be on your feet most of the time instead of sitting at a desk. And according to Market Research, outdoor living spaces are trendy amongst homeowners, so you won’t have a shortage of jobs if you’ve got the right skills.

The best about this line of work is the endless types of jobs homeowners can hire for you. For example, outdoor living contractors usually offer services like building an outdoor kitchen, dining area, living room, garden office, bar, patio, fireplace, swing porch, and more. And depending on the specific job, you could be doing additional tasks like mixing concrete, digging up land, carpentry, painting, and others that will have you into a top physical shape within no time.

However, being an outdoor living contractor doesn’t always have to involve physical labor. For example, you can work as a designer, taking clients’ dreams of their exterior spaces and turning them into a reality. Of course, this will mean spending some time in the office. But when you’re not at desk, you’ll be in your client’s home, on your feet, and very active.

Working in an office all day might not be physically demanding, but it can take a huge toll on your body and mind. On top of that, the mundane and repetitive nature of the work can get boring very quickly, especially if your job isn’t stimulating. Fortunately, with the above occupations, you don’t have to worry about this as you’ll be on your feet and not at desk most of the time.

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