Can You Trust Weightloss Drugs From Compounding Pharmacies?

The recent FDA warning has brought attention to the trustworthiness of weight loss drugs from compounding pharmacies. The warning focuses on compounded versions of drugs like Ozempic and Wegovi, used for type 2 diabetes and weight loss. These drugs, officially known as semaglutide and tirzepatide, may be branded differently for marketing purposes.

Compounding pharmacies offer these drugs at lower costs, but not all are reliable.

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Patients should be cautious as some products labeled as semaglutide may contain different active ingredients like semaglutide sodium or semaglutide acetate, which are not safe or effective. Patients are advised to avoid drugs labeled for research purposes only.

Legitimate compounding pharmacies operate under proper sterile conditions and modify doses or add substances like vitamins. However, it’s illegal for them to sell drugs with different active ingredients. Patients should verify a compounding pharmacy’s legitimacy through the FDA’s BeSafeRx campaign and ensure FDA approval and a clean disciplinary record.

Despite potential side effects, weight loss drugs like tirzepatide have shown significant efficacy in studies. Patients seeking affordable alternatives should explore legitimate compounding pharmacies. Consulting a physician for guidance on drug options and reputable pharmacies is essential for safety and efficacy when considering weight loss drugs from compounding pharmacies.

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