What to Expect for Your Hernia Repair Surgery

Medical procedures are usually pretty stressful for those undergoing them. While the procedures are necessary, it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable to deal with. Focusing on hernia surgery, there are a few expectations that this video will discuss that pertain to the operation.

In preparation for your hernia surgery, you aren’t allowed to eat the previous evening.

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This is rather standard for surgeries. On the day of your operation, you will arrive and go through the pre-operative checklist to make sure that you are in a proper state to undergo the procedure. There are two different hernia surgeries. The first is open surgery where an incision is made at the site of the hernia. The second is called robotic surgery. This is a minimally invasive tactic that uses a camera to scope the area. Your surgeon will provide the best guidance for your unique situation prior to you showing up for the operation.

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