What Is a Sports Medicine Physician?

If you have ever watched sports or played sports yourself you have likely witnessed an injury occur during a game. The team of medical experts that rush onto the field or court often has at least a few sports medicine doctors on that team. According to the personal interview in this YouTube video, sports medicine professionals work to take care of athletes, as well as the general population who enjoy participating in sports activities. These are the medical experts who understand the unique situations that can result in injuries while playing popular sports such as football, soccer, and basketball.

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They also may have more specialized and niche areas of focus as well such as mountain climbing, rugby, or wrestling.

A sports medicine doctor is there to help assess injuries and to help develop a care plan that will help that individual get back on their feet again. They can also help schools and pro teams develop care plans and guidelines to help protect players and outline protocols when injuries occur. From sprained ankles, dislocated shoulder, concussions, back or neck injuries, and more, the sports medicine professionals are the ones at the front of the line working to protect the health of those who enjoy playing sports.

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