Websites Developed By Artificial Intelligence Could Mean the End of Days for Skilled Designers

Website building service has recently launched an innovative “artificial design intelligence” (ADI) service to change the way novice website creators build their sites.

Wix was founded in Tel Aviv in 2006 and has since served as a foolproof development platform aimed at helping entrepreneurs and bloggers build websites using drag-and-drop tools, making coding knowledge obsolete.

With the introduction of Wix ADI, the company is striving to make website development even easier and faster, using algorithms to automate the web design process. These algorithms are created through a compilation of existing user data, ultimately designed to put together a universally popular website design.

Furthermore, Wix guarantees that no two ADI sites are the same. They promise unique pages, layouts, colors, themes, etc. The client simply answers a few questions, providing the platform with a basic outline of what the company is and in what generalized category they fit. From this information, Wix ADI compiles relevant images, text, and layouts.

Once the site has been fully automated, users can go in and customize aspects of each page. They can tweak layouts, switch themes, edit text, and insert additional images.

“Wix ADI is the world’s first technology platform that combines website design and content creation with artificial intelligence to enable complete websites to be created in a matter of minutes,” said Avishai Abrahami, the cofounder and CEO at Wix. “Building a professional and complete website is the first step in getting online, and while Wix today makes it easy, challenges still exist. With Wix ADI, we solve these challenges, getting businesses online with a fully functioning, stunning looking website easier and faster than ever.”

Professional designers have expressed mixed reactions following the introduction of “robot”-generated websites. Many are arguing that artificial intelligence has nothing to do with the platform’s new features at all. “AI, as developed by Wix…is no more artificial intelligence than robots on an automated assembly line constitute skilled craftsmen,” claimed Ben Moss, editor of WebdesignerDepot. “Wix ADI is an elaborate template browser.”

When it comes down to it, however, many of today’s companies are just looking for a simple design that earns them enough of a web presence to get their name out there. Wix ADI does just that, creating an attractive site that compels visitors to want to learn more about a business. In a world in which 46% of Internet users consider a website’s design to be a leading factor in determining that business’s credibility, that’s all a company can really ask for.

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