The Benefits of Skin Laser Treatment

In this video titled “How Do Laser Skin Treatments Work? The Science (AD),” Michelle, a chemistry PhD and cosmetic chemist, delves into the intricate science behind laser skin treatments. Describing lasers as machines emitting synchronized light, she explains how this light precisely targets chromophores in the skin, converting them to various forms of energy. The controlled damage inflicted promotes skin repair and collagen production, addressing concerns like brown patches or red marks.

Laser treatments offer versatility through different wavelengths, targeting specific chromophores for diverse skin issues. Michelle introduces newer lasers like the PicosureFocus, designed with features such as short pulse durations and pressure waves.

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These advancements ensure safer and more effective pigment removal, minimizing heat build-up and the risk of rebound pigmentation. The speaker emphasizes the significance of these technologies in addressing skin concerns while being mindful of skin types and potential risks.

Michelle shares her personal positive experience with Picosecond laser treatments, specifically using the Picosure laser for pigment and texture issues resulting from sun damage. Despite initial concerns about pain, she found the treatment gentler than anticipated, challenging common fears associated with laser procedures. The technology, initially developed for tattoo removal, has gained popularity for skin rejuvenation in recent years, demonstrating its efficacy through clinical trials and widespread success stories. The speaker’s endorsement adds a real-world perspective, contributing to the video’s informative and relatable nature.

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