France Works to Boost Its Growing Tech Industry

Starting a business, creating a digital marketing strategy, and establishing a brand are almost always challenging feats. However, it can be even more difficult in a country which is often stereotyped as lacking a necessary entrepreneurial spirit. This is exactly the challenge facing the technology industry in France. As a nation more likely to be […]

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WebRTC Will Change the Way People Communicate Online, Use Web

The next innovation in video, voice, and file collaboration is upon us. Pretty soon, Internet users will be able to communicate and send video, audio, and document files simply by using their web browser. According to, Web Real-Time Communications (or WebRTC) will bring instant, real-time communication to millions of people without the use of […]

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Made in India: U.S. Companies Eager to Invest in India’s Electronics Sector

India is eager to join the boon of electronics manufacturing pioneered by its eastern neighbors. The Dollar Business reports that Indian leaders and business owners want to expand India’s electronics manufacturing industry, which is considered “almost negligible” compared to the output of India’s neighbors such as China. Nearly 90% of India’s electronics are met through […]

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First Personal Injury Claim to Use Fitbit Data Heads to Court

Personal injury cases can be notoriously hard to prove, especially when it comes to claims that are difficult to quantify, like pain and suffering. But personal injury litigation just got a little easier with the help of a personal fitness tracker called Fitbit.According to¬†Forbes, a Canadian law firm is currently putting together the first personal […]

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