Skytyping and Wing Walking Help Break Attendance Record at AirVenture Show

The AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, drew more people than last year’s convention.

“Our attendance was particularly outstanding, since we had some weather challenges mid-week compared to seven perfect days in 2015,” said EAA Chairman Jack Pelton. “Our grounds crew and our volunteers, who number more than 5,000, did a superb job keeping the site ready for visitors and campers who arrived by ground or air.”

According to Fox11News, over 10,000 aircrafts were featured during the convention.

CNN reports that the 2016 AirVenture show also featured skytyping, wing walking and plenty of extreme aerial maneuvering. Skytyping, which is used by advertisers to display messages for more than 2,800 square miles, is a way of mechanical and aeronautical maneuvering throughout the sky.

“My dad bought the airplanes and started this skytyping business when I was 17,” said Larry Arken, commanding officer and flight lead. “Later on, I got him to start into air shows, and I’ve been running it about 22 years.”

Consisting of more than 80 countries, a record 2,369 international visitors registered and attended the show this year. During the week-long convention, approximately 563,000 people entered the AirVenture show and enjoyed 2,855 showplaces, 1,124 homemade aircrafts, 1,032 vintage planes, 371 warbirds, 135 light-sport aircrafts, 101 seaplanes, 41 aerobatic aircrafts, 31 rotorcrafts and 20 non-categorized vehicles.

The wing walker, Ashley Key, drew some of the largest crowds at this year’s convention. She expects to be wing walking until her and her fiancĂ© — who also happens to be her pilot — have their first child, although, she doesn’t consider her profession dangerous.

“The trick is doing it the same every time,” Key said. “When you step off of it, I know exactly where to step. I know how many steps when I’m up there. I know where my feet should go to get back into the cockpit. Do it the same every time, and there are no mistakes.”


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