Rushwork’s Newest Product: Camera Tally System

photo lenses and equipment on white backgroundRushworks, one of the leading technology production companies focusing on television and streaming options, recently announced a new addition to their line of products — a camera tally system that supports both Lumens and 1Beyond PTZ cameras, according to the government news source

Up to eight small LED tally indicators are supported by the new system. It will feature an illuminated tally representing the currently selected program input on the VDESK and REMO integrated PTZ multicamera TV production systems.

“Both the Lumens and 1Beyond PTZ cameras are excellent performers and very cost-effective,” said Rush Beesley, President of Rushworks. “But neither include a tally light on the camera, which of course is necessary in news and similar production venues where the on-camera participants need to be aware of which camera is currently selected. We just added this simple functionality to make the cameras viable in this production sector.”

The system’s eight-port tally distribution box will be able to connect to VDESK and REMO via USB cords, and will use CAT5 cables for each of the camera tallies. The CAT5 cable is typically used for networks and mulit-line phone systems; it has a maximum frequency of 100 MHz and can transmit up to 10/100/1000Mbps.

Depending on the cable being used, the speed and overall efficiency of system networks can be affected. CAT5 is an industry standard in many ways.

This new system has the potential to affect many different industries across the board. VDESK and REMO solutions are currently utilized in areas, such as city and state governments, court systems, school districts, houses of worship, radio stations, news production, and entertainment venues among others.

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