Old Habits Die Hard With Trump As His Campaign Utilizes Signage, Real Estate Style

It seems that real estate methods, and habits, die hard with Donald Trump in his race for the Republican ticket this year.

A detailed document, which was distributed to volunteers and staff members in South Carolina, lays out exactly where large “Trump” signs can and cannot be staked into the ground, reports The New York Times.

Interstate highways are off limits, because the signs would be removed by the Department of Transportation, and the “railroad side” of some small town main streets is also a no, “as this land belongs to the railroad company.”

Also off limits are university or government property, since it would suggest allegiance where there might not be any.

Approved locations are intersections (without blocking visibility), the outside curve of a road, and across the street from exits of malls and schools.

Signage, a low cost form of advertising that Trump had excelled in during his career as a real estate magnate, is being fully embraced by Trump supporters. A Greenville campaign staff member bragged that their office had just received a shipment of 12,000 yard signs.

Authors of the memo urge, “Use a series of three signs, spaced 10-15 feet apart. This catches the eye.”

The Trump campaign’s emphasis on yard sign designs may not be for naught, as an eye-catching design could help a candidate get noticed.

Trump is undoubtedly an aggressive and often effective advertiser. Earlier this week, Trump bought the domain rights to www.JebBush.com, which one would expect to lead to the site of his competitor for the Republican nomination. However, now the site automatically redirects to DonaldJTrump.com, his official campaign website.

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