New App Ambitiously Aspires to Tackle File-Sharing Security Concerns


As data breaches and cyber security violations have become a near-daily occurrence, companies and individuals that rely on the secure transfer of private files are growing more concerned than ever.

According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, an incredible 68% of IT professionals say it’s difficult or very difficult to safely share files, documents and information with external business partners and entities. In addition, nearly half of the study’s respondents said they felt their company doesn’t have adequate visibility for its file-sharing applications.

Considering the way IT experts feel about file-sharing security, it isn’t hard to imagine how difficult it must be for the average person to securely share their files.

To help make the file-sharing process more secure and trustworthy, however, one South Korean company could have an answer with their newly developed app called Send Anywhere.

According to VentureBeat, Estmob, Send Anywhere’s developer, allows its users to share files without having to store them. Users share data directly with one another, taking out the administrative middleman and leaving nothing stored on a central or cloud server that could later be breached.

“We require no logon or signup,” Estmob CSO Suhyuk Kang said. “We cannot tell who you are, what you are sending, or even the size of the file. Whatever you send is under a secure veil of darkness.”

With Send Anywhere, users anonymously send data with a code that the recipient can access — these codes expire after 10 minutes. The application can also be used to send data across different platforms and devices.

Since its inception, Send Anywhere has seen surprising success. More than 1.5 million downloads of the app have been made so far. Its average rating on the Google Play store is at 4.43 stars out of five, with approximately 16,000 reviews of the app written.

As more and more companies and individuals grow concerned with the security of their files, solutions like Send Anywhere will undoubtedly continue to grow in scope and use around the world. The assurance that your shared files are secure and not at risk of a breach? Priceless.

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