Naked Teenager Burglarizes Houses While Own Home Is on Fire

Street of residential houses
Police found a naked teenager in one of two houses he broke into in mid-November, while his own home a couple miles away was on fire. According to court documents, he was under the influence of drugs, which appear to have been the synthetic stimulant “bath salts.”

Eighteen-year-old Logan Valle of Falmouth, Maine remained in jail on $10,000 bail on November 18 after his arrest on November 15 on charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass. Police did not, however, implicate him in the fire that destroyed his family’s home. Court documents state that after his arrest, it was determined that he’d overdosed on drugs and suffered from frostbite. His friends said that they believe his actions were attributed to drug usage.

On the night of the incidents, Valle had first broken into the home of Barry and Paula Spencer, whose son Valle knew, on Fieldstone Lane, entering the house through the unlocked garage door. Barry and Paula had been watching TV when the naked Valle, whom they described as being agitated, irrational, and possibly under the influence of drugs, walked into their kitchen, grabbed keys, and then got into each of their three cars, trying to get one started without success. When they told him they’d called the authorities, Valle fled.

Mark and Renae Roy, another family on Fieldstone, were already in bed when two bangs and a crash alerted them that something rather unscripted was going on. Valle allegedly broken one of the Roy Family’s outdoor lights off and then used it to small the glass in a door. Mark Roy confronted the nude intruder, who then booked it to the family’s basement.

Fearing he might need to defend himself, Roy grabbed the nearest thing he could use as a weapon, which happened to be a vacuum cleaner.

Authorities had already been on their way to the Valle house fire when they got a call about a naked man running across a street with a homeowner in pursuit. The two then arrived and found Valle in a narrow storage room.

The teenager surrendered, allowed himself to be handcuffed, and taken outside. He walked unsteadily, had a cold temperature, breathed rapidly, and moaned with each exhale. Things got worse, so he was taken to Portland’s Maine Medical Center.

One of the officers who’d accompanied Valle told his supervisor that the teen appeared to be under “bath salts.

Often confused with literal bath salts, the designer, synthetic drug actually have nothing to do with them. Authorities, however, are still unclear as to what’s really in bath salts, though.

“The presumption is that most ‘bath salts’ are MDPV, or methylenedioxypyrovalerone, although newer… derivatives are being made by illegal street chemists,” says Zane Horowitz, MD, an ER doctor and medical director of the Oregon Poison Center. “Nobody really knows, because there has been no way to test for these substances. However, that is changing, and some tests for certain of these chemicals have been developed.”

Whatever is in the hallucinogenic stimulant causes bizarre, paranoid behavior. Sometimes, it makes users feel extremely hot, which prompts them to take off their clothes.

Since baths salts have become more popular, some rather bizarre headlines have appeared, like: “Man reportedly drinking hand sanitizer at Kroger,” “‘Bath salts’ blamed for machete attack,” and even “Burglar high on bath salts breaks into family’s home, puts up Christmas decorations.”

Once at the jail, Valle reportedly couldn’t remember any of the things he’d been accused of doing.

“These are crimes that require intent or knowing action. If he was suffering from mental illness, that would be relevant,” said Valle’s court-appointed lawyer, Robert LeBrasseur, who also noted that the teen was around the age when schizophrenia starts manifesting. “I don’t know if that’s the case or not.”

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