More Fences Will Be Installed in the Arkansas County Independent School District to Protect Students

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The trustees of the Arkansas County Independent School District decided to approve a bid for fencing replacement services at its term meeting on March 26th.

The Rockport Pilot reports that the board of trustees considered six proposals that night. The district’s director of operations, Preston Adams, recommended the lowest bidder, A to Z Fence Co., after presenting information about the six bidders to the board.

Adams recommended A to Z Fence Co. not just for the price but also for its previous work for the district, its reputation, and its capabilities for handling a considerably large project, according to the paper.

Fence construction around the district’s bus barn and high school building is already underway. The security gate will be put to use once completed and is intended to limit car traffic between the high school and middle school during school hours. Additional fencing will also be put in place on the high school’s east campus and in between the gym’s walkways.

Superintendent Joseph Patek has expressed concern — one that he claims many other administrators share — about the district’s security. He was especially weary about the number of doors in the high school, which he claims experience a lot of traffic after having reviewed security camera footage nearby.

The proposed fences will be able to shut down both human and vehicle traffic, depending on the school’s needs.

The construction projects are expected to cost approximately $51,142.

The motion for the construction was quickly introduced, seconded, and unanimously approved by the board of trustees.

Among the planned installations, the bus depot will see 700 feet’s worth of eight-foot chain link fencing. The fencing crews will have to remove 70 of existing fencing as well as clear out or trim the various bushes, trees, and debris around the depot.

In addition, the district high school’s east campus will receive 970 feet of eight-foot chain fencing around the campus; its gym space will receive 110 feet of chain fencing and two 12-foot double drive gates. Its soccer field will also see 450 feet of six-foot link fencing separating it from the local CNG Compressor Facility right next door.

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