Local Police Departments Warn Homeowners to Steer Clear of Patio Furniture Theft

Outdoor Furniture on Cedar Wood Patio during nice day
Spring is in full swing, which means it’s time to break out the grilling equipment and patio furniture so you can fully enjoy the outdoors.

But as the temperature on the thermostat continues to rise, police departments across the country are also seeing a rise in the number of patio furniture thefts.

According to the UK Gazette, police in Cleveland received two reports of patio tables and chairs being stolen within one week, and advised local residents to be on the lookout for those responsible for the thefts.

And in Albuquerque, an 11-year-old girl made the local news for posting flyers asking whoever took her dad’s antique bench from the front of their home to return the bench.

“To the lady in the blue PT Cruiser, please return our milk bench…it wasn’t free or for sale,” her flier read.

In many cases, thieves turn to patio furniture and other decorations with the hopes of selling these items to local antique and consignment shops and earning a profit, according to KRQE.

“We actually get people attempting to sell at our stores on a daily basis, probably 3,4,5 times in a day,” Pedro Moreno Sr., Owner of Motique Antiques in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill, explained.

To prevent against patio furniture theft, it’s important to keep sheds and windows locked and to not leave any valuable items outside unattended, the Gazette reported.

“Often, items such as pressure washers, power tools, garden furniture, golf clubs and bicycles are left in sheds and these items are ideal targets for thieves,” a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said.

By outfitting a shed with a high-quality padlock and investing in a shed alarm, homeowners can deter thieves from moving on to one’s patio furniture.

For those afraid to add a deck or patio to their house for fear that it might encourage thieves, don’t be dissuaded — the simple act of constructing an outdoor patio offers an incredible 72% return on investment. If the aforementioned security measures are taken to prevent patio furniture theft, homeowners can confidently enjoy the beautiful weather by using their patio space all summer long.

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