Iowa State Senator Accidentally Eats Gourmet Dog Biscuit at Statehouse

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Any baker or cookie aficionado will tell you that there are plenty of options for lovers of this popular baked treat, ranging from interesting recipes to services offering gourmet cookies for delivery. However, a recent mishap at the Iowa Statehouse in Des Moines still seems quite strange: according to the Des Moines Register, a state senator accidentally consumed a gourmet dog biscuit while tending to business in the state capital.According to the Register, an eastern Iowa lobby group visited the Statehouse in early March. These visits are fairly common, and groups often bring cookies and cupcakes to hand out. However, this group reportedly chose to distribute handmade dog treats from Woofables, a popular business in Coralville, IA. While Woofables specializes in creating dog treats that resemble hamburgers, pizza, and other foods, the packaging these gifts were wrapped in reportedly stated that the product was a dog biscuit.

However, Senator Liz Mathis, a Democrat representing the Cedar Rapids area, says she missed that warning. Caught in the rush of “Funnel Week,” a period where the state legislature weeds out hundreds of bills from their future agenda, Mathis says she stopped by her office and found what appeared to be a graham cracker shaped like the state of Iowa on her desk. Quickly ripping open the package, Mathis took a bite, only to realize that she had been dreadfully mistaken.

While the senator’s mistake probably seems nauseating to many, the treat she consumed was gourmet, and probably not unhealthy. Woofables claims to reject additives and preservatives in favor of natural ingredients, a choice which mimics a trend many human treats are now following.

Others might have been mortified by the incident, but Mathis seems to be taking things in good humor. According to theRegister, she shared her mistake with two other senators during the Education Committee meeting for a laugh, joking that she should bark instead of stating “yay” during one of the votes. Given the serious nature of Funnel Week, Mathis says she appreciated the moment of comic relief, even if it came at her own expense.

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