Inconvenient Marriage Proposal Stops Traffic

It’s no wonder that 80 to 90% of all fencing applications are for privacy fences, especially if you’ve got neighbors like this guy. According to a recent story from, a Turkish man was responsible for an enormous Istanbul traffic jam on the D-100 highway. The man and six of his friends stopped their seven total cars in the middle of the lanes, blocking traffic completely. They also blocked the car of the man’s girlfriend, who was unknowingly driving behind the group.

The man then exited his vehicle, pulling his girlfriend from her car, and proposed in the middle of the lanes. His friends lit flares and honked loudly while she accepted his proposal.

However, the hundreds of cars blocked in the disturbance weren’t amused by the display. One of the nearby drivers took a video of the event on his cell phone camera and turned the footage in to the police.

All seven men were arrested and had their licenses confiscated by the local court, who apparently did not find the gesture exceedingly romantic.

A previous story from Jezebel documented a similar event in L.A., where hundreds of bikers blocked off the freeway for a marriage proposal. The bikers overtook the freeway exit, revving their engines and sending out plumes of “romantic” pink smoke.

One of the bikers, Hector Martinez, insisted that their plan accounted for maximum safety. “We planned everything to assure the safety of everyone,” he said. “Obviously it was illegal, but if you see the video, you can see that it was coordinated pretty well.”

Sounds like he may be missing the point. With marriage proposals growing more unique and edgy every year, it may be a good idea to begin listening to the morning traffic reports. You never know who’s going to be stopping traffic for love.

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