Flying Motorcycle Hits Man in Head

Motorbike in a low angle shot

Last Sunday, an Iowa man was hospitalized after a motorcycle that was soaring through the air struck him in the head.

On November 9, a young motorcyclist at the Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle Park rode into the path of other vehicles. Mitchell Frank, a 30-year-old man from Fort Dodge, Iowa, ran out to the track to pick the young rider up. That’s when a biker hit a jump and landed on Frank, striking him in the head.

Paramedics quickly arrived and airlifted him to Des Moines’s Methodist Medical Center. They said that Frank’s head injury was serious, but have offered no updates of his conditions.

Though such an injury is definitely cause for concern, motorcyclists should remember that that there are many other, more likely injuries that could happen. Statistically, the most common is a head injury. Other common injuries received in motorcycle accidents include road rash, muscle damage, biker’s arm (which involves nerve damage and paralysis in the upper arm), and leg injuries.

It might seem silly to run out on to a motorcycle track with bikes hitting jumps and soaring through the air, but it’s important to remember that Frank ran out to help a young biker. The moral of the story it seems, then, is to always wear a helmet when out on the track or on the road.

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